for all you cat crazy people

For All You Cat Crazy People

I don’t know about you but we have spent all kinds of money on cat toys, scratchers and climbers, only to be donated out as our cats aren’t interested in them. We have two special needs cats that we rescued, one only has the use of three legs and the other has an injured back from some sort of accident when she was a kitten, so therefore she can‘t be brushed by hand as she is very sensitive. So my husband and I took the chance to make a Cat Scratcher/Brush that we hoped they would like. And guess what? They did! Phew!!

mismatched pieces become unified

Mismatched Pieces Become Unified!

I received this little set of drawers from a girlfriend who’s mother was moving out of the house she had lived in all her married life. Her father who had passed many years ago had made it for his wife. I knew I had to do something very special to bring it back to life. The wall unit I had picked up a while back at a goodwill store. They were both the same width, so why not make them matching wall unit?

screen door makeover into demand station

Screen Door Makeover Into Demand Station

My husband and I were fortunate to take apart an old house that was to be demolished. So out came all the doors, windows, shutters and anything that literally wasn’t tied down the the ground. Bit by bit I am finding ways to repurpose these treasures into new useful items and give them a whole new life that will hopefully live on for the next generation!

dollar store wall art

Dollar Store Wall Art

I like cruising the dollar store for my next new project that I didn’t know I was going to make! Well I came upon cardboard cut outs of a deer head and a unicorn. Off we went home to put them what to do with them I ask myself....?

crazy denim lady turns giant foam cube into side table

Crazy Denim Lady Turns Giant Foam Cube Into Side Table.

I found this giant vinyl covered cube at the thrift store, paid a little bit more than I usually do (15.00) but I’m sure the owner saw me coming as I am a weekly shopper looking for strange objects as such! I also visited the fabric store to purchase fabric for the daisy chair I posted a day age, so bought some light weight denim to cover the side table to accent my chair.

vintage chair up do

Vintage Chair up Do!

I‘ve had this vintage chair for at least 20 years. As you can see in the before picture I obviously liked animal prints as many of my household decorations from back then were in a variety animal prints. These days I’m all about the demin. I prefer to use recycled demin from old jeans and dresses, but I found this adorable daisy print light demin and had to buy it.

don t throw your husbands old dress shirts out

Don’t Throw Your Husbands Old Dress Shirts Out!

I love costume jewelry. Twice a year usually spring and fall I go on the hunt to department stores to check out all the off season styles that are on sale. I rarely pay more than two dollars for a piece. I will wear it for a while and then it goes to my craft room, waiting to be turned into something else.

green is the new orange dresser makeover

Green is the New Orange! Dresser Makeover

Back in the summer I was given a few bedroom dressers from a neighbor who was moving. They both needed a painting which I was happy to do. I didn’t need these dressers but when I finished the projects a family friend wanted to buy them from me as they were getting a few additional children to add with their already large family. Of course I couldn’t charge them, so they said they had a really old dresser is their garage that they would gladly trade. Oh boy!!!

mini cabinet update

Mini Cabinet Update

Purchased this little cabinet at Goodwill for 10.00. I also like to collect vintage maps from flea markets and second hand shops. This little cabinet had more screws holding it together than my kitchen cupboards! So needless to say there was a lotta hole filling. The avocado paint I used was left over from my half bath and seems to be my signature paint on a lot of my projects.

rainy day challenge

Rainy Day Challenge

What better to do on a rainy day than make a Poncho for the next rainy day! Everybody has plastic bags, thousands of plastic bags hanging around their house! Fusing bags is not a new craft but there is a million things you can make with fused bags. I swear when I first started fusing bags together to make projects it really does feel like fabric!

Terri bateman
Terri bateman