coffee table remake

Coffee Table Remake

I had a gentlemen I work with asked me to carve and paint a coffee table for a friend and the theme was tribal/safari. I had a roadside table that fit the bill so I tore apart the table and began the makeover. Not my decor taste but who am I to judge?

from rock to art

From Rock to Art

A coworker brought me this rock and asked if I could paint a teddy bear on it and that I could decide exactly what to put on it. I used acrylic paints and went to work. I created the dot border using the wrong end of the paint brush dipped into the paint. When the piece was completed and dried I used a clear coat spray to seal it.

faux leather containers

Faux Leather Containers

I was given these bathroom containers and was not a fan so I decided to give them a face lift. I almost turned them down but I knew that I would come up with something to make them likable,

table makeover magic

Table Makeover Magic

I was actually commissioned to do a table (I had the table from a curb side) for a friend. Her instructions were that she wanted it dark with her birth symbol and minimal pops of color, other than that I was allowed to use my imagination. So I decided to carve her birth symbol, pour charcoal fluid on it and burn it all over the top. I used spray enamel and painted the entire bottom, legs and underside. I used glow in the dark powder with glaze coat to fill the carved areas and without the glow powder on the entire top.

no one needs to see the contents of your cupboards

No One Needs to See the Contents of Your Cupboards!

I have a few kitchen cabinets that have glass that exposes the contents. These are not the type of cabinets to display fine china or tchotchkies. I solved the issue of glass front cupboards by adding a cut up lace table runner and blue paper backing.

outdated jewelry box makeover, After

Outdated Jewelry Box Makeover

I have had this jewelry box for 25-30 years and I have never cared for it but it served it's purpose so I kept it....out of sight. With a quick sanding and a little paint it has now earned a prominent place out in the open.

fruit basket face lift

Fruit Basket Face Lift for $0

A few acrylic paints, paint dyed rope, a little hot glue and spray clear coat. BAM!! new fruit basket.

mailbox makeover, After

Mailbox Makeover.

I apologize that I do not have all the steps of this project, I created it before I was invited to do my DIY's on here but I couldn't resist showing it off.

table makeover

Table Makeover

I received this table from a curb and it had damage to the top but the rest was nice so I decided to give it a new life.

gave my lam

Gave My Lamp Shade a New Life

I had this lamp with a damaged shade so for about $5-$8 I created a new shade and it took about two hours.

Sandra Ross Warren
Sandra Ross Warren