How can I cover a tile countertop?

Happy New Year everyone!!I have an old grimy tile countertop that is just disgusting. I think it is very unsanitary with the grout lines and would love to find a... See more
q anyone with experience covering tile countertop

How and what type of awning should I build?

I have a big shed out back that I want to build an attached covered parking area for my seadoos and anything else I want to leave outside. Never built on and not sure... See more
q how or what type of awning should i build

Floating deck or stone pavers/rock?

Hi, We have been trying to decide to put in a wood deck which is very expensive. Other options are stone pavers or rock. The house has two sliding doors out to the... See more
q floating deck or stone pavers rock

Better options than caulk for bathtub?

Hi, I'm working on replacing a bad bathtub caulk job. Problem I have run into is that there is a pretty significant gap from the tile to the bathtub. Are there any... See more
q better options than caulk for bathtub

How to replace door moulding due to dog damage.

Hi, How do I fix or replace the moulding on the base of a door. Apparenlty dog peed on this and it swole up... not real wood apparently and is a type of wood... See more
q how to replace door moulding due to dog damage

How to fix window sill chewed up by dogs.

Hi,How do I fix a window sill chewed up by dogs? I'm not sure if this is just a piece of wood that I can take out and replace? Thank you,James
q how to fix window sill chewed up by dogs