ideas for redo of an armoire, painted furniture

Armoire Redo!

This armoire was sent to the basement and the next step was to give it away. New tv's no longer fit in it. I rescued it!

bathroom cabinet upcycled to a bright livingroom cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet Upcycled to a Bright Livingroom Cabinet.

I was putting a new bathroom cabinet into a bathroom redo. The cabinet coming out was too good to just throw away. So I hung onto it to use in another project later.

wooden lantern from scraps of wood from other projects

Wooden Lantern From Scraps of Wood From Other Projects

I needed a housewarming gift. So, I did what I always do. I went through my scrap wood. I just stare at the pile of scraps until a project pops into my head. Once I have the basic project, I can tweak it until its something I love.

old tired old table to cute french script dining table

Tired Old Table to Cute French Script Dining Table

My niece was given this old dining table. The top was scratched and the chairs were worn. It was in desperate need of a makeover. I decided to give it a French facelift.I started by taking the seats off of the chairs. They unscrewed easily from the bottom. I took the four wooden back slats off the chairs and then the wooden top off of the table. Leaving just the metal frames of the table and chairs. They had lost most of their finish. I spray painted all the metal frames a flat black.

dresser upcycled to a french country buffet, painted furniture

Dresser Upcycled to a French Country Buffet

Before: It was an old built-in dresser in a kids room in an old log cabin that someone was sending to the dump. The top was ruined and was thrown away. The sides were just made from plywood. I was told to just let it go to the dump because there was nothing I could do to it to make it pretty or usable.

mantel headboard, bedroom ideas, fireplaces mantels, painted furniture

Mantel Headboard

My daughter and her husband bought a new house. They are just starting out, so they are still trying to get the house decorated. Below is their bed needing a headboard to finish the look.

large clock made from a table top, diy, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, wall decor

Large Clock Made From a Table Top.

This is an old kitchen table I found. It had been left outside for a while so it was in rough shape. The top is Formica.

french country dressing table, painted furniture

French Country Dressing Table

I got this old mid-century side desk for free from an office that was closing. It had been in the basement and was headed to the garbage. I thought with the right top, I could turn this into a dressing table to match a chair I had recently reupholstered.

upcycled chair to french country bedroom chair, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, reupholster

Orange Flea Market Chair to French Country Bedroom Chair!

I found this old chair at a flea market. I has a great shape and was sturdy, The shape is pretty for a French Country bedroom for my daughter.

pallet bar for a barn wedding, how to, outdoor living, pallet, repurposing upcycling

Pallet Bar for a Barn Wedding.

I needed a temporary bar for a barn wedding. I needed something inexpensive and had a rustic theme.