nature stamped gift boxes

Nature Stamped Gift Boxes

Bold colour ,intricate leaf shapes, and pure white paper offer dramatic contrast on nature stamped gift wrap.The beauty of mother nature’s splendid leaves will add their uniqueness to the packages.Materials you’ll needwhite paper,scissors,green acrylic paint,sponge brush,leaf,scrap paper,transparent tape.

chalkboard planters with bird stencils

Chalkboard Planters With Bird Stencils

Spring is just around the corner and so I’m getting ready to start planning and planting my garden and terracotta potsWhat you’ll need1) Bird stencil2) Acrylic paints whatever colours you like3) chalkboard paint4) Sponge brush5) Terracotta pots6) Mod Podge7) chalk8) White Spray paint9) Spouncer brush

decoupage fall leaves vase

Decoupage Fall Leaves Vase

A shower of falling leaves is an ideal escort for a bouquet of fresh picked flowers. Exquisite leaves transform a simple glass vase into a breathtaking work of art, a gift for a family member who loves fine things. In shades of red and yellow these beauties reveal their intricate structure and provide pleasing texture.Those prized cut flowers deserve a lush leafy display,!Materials you’ll need1) Tall Glass vase2) Glass cleaner and cloth3) Mod podge4) Sponge brush5)Fall leaves

how to make candles

How to Make Candles

Learn how to make soy wax candles for business or pleasure.These candles make lovely gifts to give to someone special or for birthday or for Christmas.The other day I gave my hairdresser a candle for her birthday,she loved it.Materials you will need1) Candle glassware or container2)Wick3)Round warning labels4) Soy wax5) candle fragrance oil6)Wax pouring jug7)Scissors8)Wick holders9)bamboo stick to stir wax and fragrance10)Glue gun11)Thermometer

candles to keep bugs away

Candles to Keep Bugs Away

While we love to enjoy the warm summer weather ,bugs and insects are a consistent summertime pest. Here is a great homemade candle to keep pests away . These candles are fun to make and most effective.Here's what you will need1) jars2) Oils- lavender, orange, eucalyptus, cedar3) orange skin, sprigs of rosemary.4) water5) floating candleThat's it!

diy colourful coasters

DIY Colourful Coasters

These are great if your having a party or to use every day.You can make groups of four and they make lovely gifts.The coasters are inexpensive to make and they don’t take too long to do.Supplies you need.1)Tiles2)Confetti3)Mod podge4)Brush5)Protector pads for under tiles so they don’t damage table.

how to make a terrarium

How to Make a Terrarium

Although there are many ways to build and style a terrarium here is a quick and simple guide to get you on your way. You can have an open terrarium or a closed terrarium.Things you need1) Terrarium - wash it thoroughly to prevent bacteria .2) Stones- they can assist with water drainage.3) Activated charcoal- optional4) Moss- optional5) Potting soil6) Plants-Succulents,cactus,leaves etc7) Decorations, pebbles,ornaments,coloured sand etc8) Gardening tools,brush and spray bottle.

slate tile diy garden sign

Slate Tile DIY Garden Sign

Make long lasting DIY garden signs to suit your style from slate flooring tiles from the garden center. These tiles are very sturdy so they can break if dropped onto a hard surface. Take care when carrying.You don’t have to hang the tile, you can use bricks or stones to prop up tiles so they are easier to see when placed in your garden.Garden Sign Supplies1) Slate tile- choose small or large tiles2) Paint- white acrylic3) Small rope4) Brush For writing on tile

decoupage candle diy

Decoupage Candle DIY

I love anything to do with candles.This is my favourite craft.Today I’ll show you how to make an interesting yet simple decorative candle.You can give it as a gift or use it to decorate your home or find any other suitable use for it.You will need1)Candle to decorate2)A candle to burn3)A Decoupage napkin4)A spoon

painted abc planter

Painted ABC Planter

Do you need a Grade A gift for your child’s favourite teacher? You can’t go wrong with a fun planter created to brighten his or her classroom.Heres a project that you and your child can work together and one that your young student will be proud to present.This planter is sure to brighten a teachers day.Materials You’ll need1) Sponge brush2) Terracotta pot3) Black and white acrylic paints4)Masking tape5)Alphabet stencil6) Stencil brush7) Ribbon8) Craft glue9)Blackboard charm