from a plain bulletin board to an illuminated christmas miracle

From a Plain Bulletin Board to an Illuminated Christmas Miracle!

I had a vision...My mantel needed a focal point for Christmas, so I was going to create this night scene on a painted black backdrop with mini lights posing as twinkling stars in the night.However, as I worked further on the project, that all changed. (they always do...)It became bigger... and BETTER!Rather than boards, I grabbed an old bulletin board I had in my stash instead.I then messed with an easy-to-use stencil in such a (good) way that created a NEW design, and the mini lights would now highlight the sign in a much more meaningful way...Here's how it turned out and how it looks on the now Christmas mantel!Hard to believe that's a bulletin board, isn't it?

from heaps of shame to a new repurposed craft room for free, craft rooms, crafts, painting, Repurposed craft room on Funky Junk Interiors

From Heaps of Shame to a New, Repurposed Craft Room... for FREE!

Back in December when I was Christmas decorating, I had tripped one too many times over all the junk on the floor. It was then and there that I stated, "House, in January I'm comin' after you... with a PURGE vengeance!"
And I kept my promise. First up was focusing on a storage room downstairs. The plan was to turn it into a paint studio I couldn't WAIT to play in with loads of fun, repurposed storage.
Tall order? OOHHHH YEAAHHH. But a good challenge has never stopped me yet. :)

how to make an old sign on anything, painted furniture, rustic furniture, stairs

How to Make an Old Sign... on ANYTHING

I've run a vinyl decal sign shop for the past 20 years. But being a lover of all things rustic, one day I decided to use the decal as a paint stencil instead. Well, that fired up a whole new level of OLD signs in my home! I was quickly putting them in all kinds of places that would be impossible to purchase as is. - - - - - While my own designs were created with custom decals, you can easily create a similar look with a good stencil. Here's how... 1. Gather up plenty of inspiring images to draw from. 2. Find applicable stencils to get your look. 3. Prepare your surface with either sanding or paint. 4. Place stencil on desired surface, using spray adhesive. 5. Paint it! I use acrylic craft paint. 6. Lightly distress once paint is cured. 7. Seal it with something if you are concerned about wear and tear. - - - - - Here's how I've incorporated old signs into my own home. Which one would you like to try? (click the blog link below for more, PLUS where to find similar stencils like my own designs) Visit my entire guide series on Hometalk by clicking

the 1 67 travel trailer door fix and a lesson, doors, home maintenance repairs, how to, The door HAD to come off and I had to investigate what the issue was or spend 750 So I killed my trailer

From $750 to $1.67... the travel trailer door fix. And a lesson.

This post is indeed about how I fixed a travel trailer door and saved $750! But... it comes with a much bigger message.
If you tend to be a little gun shy where new things are concerned, this story is a must read for you!

decorating from nothing to something a junker s full home tour, home decor, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, Not being able to afford to carpet my stairs I painted them up instead creating stencils out of decals with my signmaking equipment

Decorating From Nothing to Something... a JUNKER'S Full Home Tour.

The best thing that ever happened to me is when I was forced to start my life over again, having little funds. Creativity was a must in order to decorate my home.
Everything you see on this home tour was created from nothing... meaning, from found things, such as pallets and recycled fencing board.
Today, my favourite shopping places are STILL the curb, thrift stores and garage sales. It's become about the hunt... and how efficient I can make something. I'm finding that while I can buy if I desire, I don't really need to. I still want to continue to put my rustic stamp on everything I make.

revamping an outdated brick fireplace without destruction, concrete masonry, fireplaces mantels, home decor, This floor to ceiling fireplace was created with only additions and creativity No hammer needed

Revamping an outdated brick fireplace... without destruction!

I had a very outdated standard schmandard brick fireplace. When my house was about to get renovated, my artist friend Dan from stepped in to create a one of a kind old world fireplace with cultured stone, hand carved concrete, a whimsical mantel and stainless steel accents. WITHOUT any destruction!

from pile to high closet style for a whoppin 50 bucks, cleaning tips, closet, organizing, 50 and 2 hours later I had this

From pile to style... A quick $50 closet redo I waited 3 years for.

I went without a closet rod for 3 years. 3 YEARS! Why? Because I thought I'd get all fancy and make a cool pipe and reclaimed lumber closet. Well, obviously that was a bad plan because it never happened. I got fed up, plunked down $50 and bought a kit instead. Done!
Best thing I ever did. I can now use those pipes and wood where I'll actually see them. :)

a collection of all my outdoor sitting areas, home decor, outdoor living, patio, porches, And last but not least the willow loveseat got moved beside the garden shed this year more at

A collection of all my outdoor sitting areas

I love to change my mind on seating areas and arrangements outdoors. Here's a collection of the changes that have made our yard down right homey and inviting at nearly every little turn.

organize that junk by hanging it up with your coats, organizing, But even the junk was purposeful with many pieces serving a purpose See what a few do on the blog link attached

Organize that junk by hanging it up! (with your coats)

I had an overflow of junk in my stash. But rather than getting rid of it, I had a better idea.
I hung everything up in my front entry, and added the odd thing here and there that could hook a coat.
Now I have a junk wall gallery that hangs my coats WITH free art!

the ultimate potting shed tool holder

The Ultimate Potting Shed Tool Holder!

I have this old shed in my backyard that I've been using as a cute focal point. It's rustically fun to look at, however I desired to have it a little more productive.And then it hit me. What if I created a Potting Shed scenario? I've always wanted a potting bench anyway.An old rusty rake head and couple of old wood fence planks later, this cute sign makes the shed even cuter and helped set the stage for a much more productive after!See how it looks now!

Funky Junk Interiors - Donna
Funky Junk Interiors - Donna
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