How to decorate the front door without a wreath or turkey?

I want a new decoration that I can easily make without using a wreath or turkey. SOMETHING DIFFERENT OR UNUSAL.

Agapantha plants?

When and how do I separate these bulbs?I live in zone 9 in Bakersfield, CA

What is the best & easiest way to get rid of nut grass?

We live in Bakersfield, CA & can't afford to re sod. This stuff has taken over our whole back yard including the flower beds.Anyone have any ideas they know will help?THANKS SO MUCH!

What type of paint and sealer to use on a rubber door mat?

My front door mat has a raised leaf pattern that I want to paint to go with the new paint on my front door.Thank you for answering my question.

Kathy Anzalone
Kathy Anzalone