learn how to paint over mother of pearl furniture

Learn How To Paint Over Mother of Pearl Furniture

The Mother of Pearl on this piece was badly damaged from time and neglect. It was discolored and...

how to create sunset inspired furniture

How to Create Sunset-Inspired Furniture

Does your home need sunset-inspired furniture? Dixie Belle Paint is here for you!

how to paint an outdoor bench

How to Paint an Outdoor Bench

Do you love a good DIY project?

how to paint with farmhouse green

How to Paint With Farmhouse Green

Want to achieve a beautiful light green look? Farmhouse Green is the perfect color for the job!

how to paint fabric with dixie belle paint

How to Paint Fabric With Dixie Belle Paint

DISCLAIMER: Painting your fabric will no longer cause you to bang your head against a wall...

diy doormat with dixie belle paint

DIY Doormat With Dixie Belle Paint

Have you thought about painting a doormat with Dixie Belle Paint before? Simply Today Life created a...

create your own weathered wood dining set

Create Your Own Weathered Wood Dining Set

Brandy picked up this incredible dining set off Facebook marketplace. It caught her eye because of...

7 furniture stenciling tips for your dixie belle paint buffet makeover

7 Furniture Stenciling Tips for Your Dixie Belle Paint Buffet...

Have you ever thought of stenciling an ENTIRE piece of furniture? With Prima ReDesign French Trellis...

how to pass on boring glass give your vase a fun makeover

How to Pass on Boring Glass~ Give Your Vase a FUN Makeover

Clean your glass vase/container before painting. Using White Lightning from Dixie Belle Paint...

how to get patina perfection on your piece

How to Get Patina Perfection on Your Piece !

Aj's Vintage Designs first step was to clean, clean, clean !!! She sprayed her piece down with Dixie...

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