Stain in bathtubs

Since I have moved into my house I have tried everything on the market to clean my bathtubs, sinks, and toilets to no avail they look terrible need help?
q stain in bathtubs

Question about this tractor

Year and model of tractor- Trying to find out the year of my tractor, need parts. Says Ford on fender, has Conn-6015 G on the motor. Other numbers DIF 310835, And... See more
q year and model of tractor

Anyone know what these are?

They fell from a tree, that I thought was an Oak tree. But don’t if they are falling prematurely or if they are suppose to fall green.
q anyone know what these are

How to check pressure in holding tank

My well has a old holding tank and the pressure gauge it reads 20 and I have no pressure in the house what could be wrong, the tank or the pump?

How can I get hard water rings out of my toilet?

I bought a house that has well water and it sat empty for a couple of years, the toilets I can’t get them clean tried several things, can’t afford new ones. They... See more

Any ideas for these?

While digging my plot up for my garden I have tons of these every time I shovel I keep coming up with these, can I still use this area for my garden?
q can anyone tell me what these are

Theses are in my yard what are they?

I started digging up the ground for my garden and there are tons of these and have no idea what they are, if anyone knows please let me know also can I still use the... See more
q theses are in my yard what are they

How can I rid my yard of roaches?

I bought a house and land in the country, my yard is nothing but roaches, it’s like you go out at night and the ground littery moves. I can’t afford a exterminator.... See more

Does ultra sound work on moles?

Something is tearing up my yard have humps all over, was Told it was either moles or gophers. Can them ultra sound stakes work on them if not what does work?

What makes holes like there drilled?

Something is filling my yard full of holes, my yard looks awful with all these holes. What is making them?

Leona Clemens
Leona Clemens