how to apply a shellac finish

How to Apply a Shellac Finish

this is an illustrated depiction of how to apply a shellac finish. This sea chest had previously been shellaced. You can not put shellac over any other kind of finish. I was reading posts here and one of them talked about shellac as a finish. It just happened that my husband was applying one, so I thought it would be a good time to illustrate how this is done.

kitchen organization

Kitchen Organization

my idea of kitchens may be against the contemporary standards as I have a very small one and I look upon a kitchen as a work shop not a place to ooh and ahh over.

church birdhouse

Church Birdhouse

Sorry don't have any progress pictures as this was done before Hometalk. This is a historic church, in our town.

how to style a mantelpiece

How to Style a Mantelpiece

mantelpiece displays are not like rugs or sofas, that are permanent features. mantelpieces can be changed whenever the mood strikes and always for holidays. They are usually a focus of a room. . . mine certainly is as you see it upon entering the house. When I do this I mostly have an idea in mind, maybe because lilacs are in bloom, or its someone's birthday or I found something cute to display. First thing I do is gather elements that go together. In the case of the mantel featured here is was: stone eggs, next I got my stone urns, then in the cellar the botanical prints.

boot storage

Boot Storage

Look up, look down, look all around when you are looking for storage in your house! We have a very small back hall, so storage for winter boots is used up with only two pair! In summer I can fit 6 pr of clogs in same space as 2 pair winter boots.

8 wreaths 8 ways

8 Wreaths 8 Ways.

I decided to set myself the project of decorating 8 dollar store wreaths using either stuff I had on hand or from the dollar store. This actually took longer than I would have thought and I wasn't crazy about the project. BUT. . . it certainly was cost effective and I have a wreath in all my downstairs rooms! The roses, and apples and cupid were all from our town swap shop. I filled the wreathes out with the extra greens. Got a 15 foot length from dollar store and cut it into 4 sections, I had 2 lengths in my stash at home, so 6 of the wreaths had fattening out. I would definitely advise doing this as the wreaths there are very skimpy and also need straightening out.

converting one use to another use

Converting One Use to Another Use

immediately saw need for this once useful object which was at an estate sale.

use of pine cones

Use of Pine Cones

We picked up lots of pine cones the other day in nearby woods.

a small decoupaged wheeling box

A Small Decoupaged Wheeling Box

I bought this little wheeled box maybe 20 years ago from a garage sale held by a friend moving out of town. I assured her I was going to take it home and paint it immediately!

using old window

Using Old Window

Someone asked about using old windows for projects the other day. I wanted to show this but could not find her question

About meMy husband and I are old retirees. He is an artist, sculpture, painting, drawing, printing. He also is a pretty talented woodworker, although for practical projects not artistic.