another 4th of july project

Another 4th of July Project

I have some leftover wood pieces that I found and have been holding on to for over a year. I decided to make a flag that I could either hang or put in the ground.

4th of july project

4th of July Project

Here's my first 4th of July project

replace flourescent light fixture

Replace Flourescent Light Fixture

I have a long fluorescent light in my kitchen that I have always hated. Yesterday I posted on here and asked how to remove it. I got a quick answer

vertical sunshine garden

Vertical Sunshine Garden

I should have taken pictures of the before process but here is my take on a vertical flower planter using a pallet some empty plastic soda bottles and 2 6'x2's

cute little outdoor table

Cute Little Outdoor Table

I found this little table by a dumpster. I just liked the shape and thought it was too cute to throw away

new life for an old armoir

New Life for an Old Armoir

I have had this armoire for over 20 years and it was definitely showing the wear. There were scratches on it because it doesn't matter how many scratching posts you get your cat they like the furniture better. One of the drawers was broken and so it wouldn't open or close correctly. And it was just a light colored oak that looked a little 80's and really didn't go with anything anymore. I decided I wanted to add some color to brighten up my living room and update it.

upcycle old bed posts

Upcycle Old Bed Posts

I found these old bed posts thrown out on the side of the road. They were solid wood and I knew I could do something with them. This is how I used them for Christmas decoration this year.