What type of ground covering should I use around blueberry bushes.

My husband put in two rolls of these bushes near our garden but we get a lot of weeds springing up. He talked about mulch but when it gets mowed in that area, I could... See more
q what type of ground covering should i use around blueberry bushes


What can I put around my raised beds in my garden to keep the squirrels from eating off my newly planted vegetables. I have covered them with bird netting, spread... See more

Question about displaying Heirloom Dishes

I have some Heirloom dishes. They have been proudly displayed in my China cabinet for years. I'm trying to decide if I should leave them be, or should I make them... See more
q heirloom dishes

How can I organize all of these cans?

I would like to put my canned goods in some type of order so you can see what they are and get to them more easily. Right now, they are stacked on top of each other... See more
q food cans

Crafts with vintage ladies handkerchief?

I have a large pile of old handkerchiefs - what can I do with them?

How can I repurpose this cocktail cart?

I bought this used so I can decoupage, paint, embellish... Maybe an ArtDeco makover. What would you do? Edit: this is NOT a vintage piece, it's a low- quality repro.... See more
q cocktail cart flip