How do I get rid of bag worms?

I have a beautiful pine tree that is getting infested with, what I was told are bag worms. Looks like a cocoon hanging in different areas. Was told they will kill the tree. When we moved in here 30 + years ago there were nice pine type bushes alone the front. One by one they all died. I replaced them and those died. Never planted any others. Didn’t know what killed them but remember seeing those little bags hanging. I thought it was part of the plants. Been told they like fir/pine trees. No one here can tell me how to get rid of them. I need help.

What type of ground covering should I use around blueberry bushes.

My husband put in two rolls of these bushes near our garden but we get a lot of weeds springing up. He talked about mulch but when it gets mowed in that area, I could only see issues with dead grass laying on top of it. Also grass growing through it as well.
q what type of ground covering should i use around blueberry bushes


What can I put around my raised beds in my garden to keep the squirrels from eating off my newly planted vegetables. I have covered them with bird netting, spread cayenne pepper all around the plants, sprayed vinegar around the beds, sprayed ammonia around the beds, even sprayed dish soap on the plants (1/2 water & 1/2 soap) and the little devils keep digging up or eating off my new plantings. Cucumbers, squash, broccoli, cabbage and etc. They have even eaten off the carrots when they come up from seed. ANY IDEAS???

Question about displaying Heirloom Dishes

I have some Heirloom dishes. They have been proudly displayed in my China cabinet for years. I'm trying to decide if I should leave them be, or should I make them into something that I would use more (rather than just looking at them).
q heirloom dishes

How can I organize all of these cans?

I would like to put my canned goods in some type of order so you can see what they are and get to them more easily. Right now, they are stacked on top of each other but I try to group them. Canned fruits, tuna, vegetables, tomato sauces, etc. The pantry is very deep but very narrow, In the back, I've just placed things I should probably give away. The pictures show the top and middle shelves and the middle and bottom shelf. The bin is just what I purchased for another project, but I want to try and use it for this. I can (and will) take it back if it doesn't work. I bought four and you can stack 3 on top of each other. Thanks for your suggestions.
q food cans

Crafts with vintage ladies handkerchief?

I have a large pile of old handkerchiefs - what can I do with them?