How do you remove labels from prescription bottles?

Any suggestions for removing RX lables from bottles? The lables circle the entire bottle. Would like to use them for spices, and cookie sprinkles I buy at a bulk... See more

How can I remove slip prevention stickers on a tub?

My daughter purchased a used home and they placed non slip stickers in the tub. Does anyone know how to remove these. The tub is part of an insert if that makes... See more

Corner kitchen islands with seating

I need some ideas on how to build seating into kitchen peninsulas
q corner kitchen islands with seating, kitchen island, woodworking projects, Need seating with peninsula in kitchen for this corner of my house I just renovated

I cleaner to remove build up on my countertop and it damaged it

Is there any way to restore this marble top left with white circles on stone.
I used a lime away😪
q i used a cleaner to remove build up on this countertop and it removed, countertops, furniture repair, home maintenance repairs

Getting more images for my vinyl cutter

I would like to cut more images than I have for my vinyl exxpress R2 series, but I don't know what software I need to do so. And does anyone know of a converter that... See more
q i have a vinyl cutter vinyl express r series 2

Self cleaning ovens not working

I have a Aqualift self cleaning oven. I can never get it completly clean, is there a way to get it clean. I clean it every 2 weeks.

Restoring gold plated faucets

My faucets in the bathroom are discolored, is there anything I can do to bring them back to their original gold shine, etc., other than replacing them.

Anyone have any ideas for upcycling glass louvers?

Here in Hawaii we have tons of them cheap, both clear and frosted. They are sold as individual pieces of glass when people tear out the windows.
q anyone have any ideas for upcycling glass louvers , repurpose windows

Remove duct tape residue on my shower wall

I had a leak in my surround wall in the tub. So someone told me to use gorilla tape until I can have someone professional to fix it. Well, the leaks is fixed but the... See more