quick and easy shelving for a shed or bunkie

Quick and Easy Shelving for a Shed - or Bunkie

We just had a bunkie built at the cottage... (this is a shed that you can use for a sleeping cabin). I needed a place for my off season clothing and other storage. I had a bunch of small wooden crates that I thought might work.

protecting birds one window at a time

Protecting Birds One Window at a Time

Last year we had over a dozen bird strikes on our windows. Sadly, at least seven of these lovely creatures died immediately, and who knows how many struggled with injuries for some time after hitting the windows. I went online to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for help. They recommended some options, one of which was placing vertical bars across the glass. Well, being basically a frugal (cheap) person, I cast about for something that would be similar, inexpensive and easy, yet not permanent. Not permanent in case it didn't work.

beaver chewed wood outdoor table

Beaver-chewed Wood Outdoor Table

I had to replace our old fire pit table as it was very tired from years of being in the sun and weather. I decided to go with beaver-chewed pieces of trees that we had found around the lake. I was not looking to create anything perfect, and as it turned out, it was a good plan. Working with natural pieces that have twists and curves can be quite challenging!

use a cracker box to make a napkin holder

Use a Cracker Box to Make a Napkin Holder

I had some peel and stick tile left over from doing a backsplash, a load of free time one day, and the need for a napkin holder..

hide that ugly laundry area, Yikes

Hide That Ugly Laundry Area

As a renter, I couldn't make the kind or changes I would like to this laundry room, but having to pass by this unsightly mess on the way to the bathroom all the time was hard on my eyeballs! I got some advice from my nephew the contractor on how to hang a curtain in such a space and he recommended the Ikea wire curtain holder.

i made a draft guard for a door with recycled materials

I Made a Draft Guard for a Door With Recycled Materials

I desperately needed a draft guard for the door to our cold storage room. The room maintains temperatures between 40 and 45 degrees F, a huge extra fridge! A large gap under the door was letting a lot of chilly air into the apartment. As a renter, I didn't want to nail or glue anything to the door itself, so designed a draft stopper.

get more storage out of a microwave cart

Get More Storage Out of a Microwave Cart

This microwave cart was just a big space, with very little chance for good, organized storage. I decided to put a shelf in it.

the many uses for painter s tape, As a measuring device

The Many Uses for Painter's Tape

I love using painter's tape! It doesn't leave a sticky residue behind, even after being stuck to something for quite a long time. It's cheap too!

bring these old folks out of the dark

Bring These Old Folks Out of the Dark!

I made a collage of old photos to decorate tissue boxes.

i made a sofa out of a fold up cot

I Made a Sofa Out of a Fold-up Cot.

We needed a sofa for our small apartment but wanted something fairly small.