quick and easy shelving for a shed or bunkie

Quick and Easy Shelving for a Shed - or Bunkie

We just had a bunkie built at the cottage... (this is a shed that you can use for a sleeping cabin)....

protecting birds one window at a time

Protecting Birds One Window at a Time

Last year we had over a dozen bird strikes on our windows. Sadly, at least seven of these lovely...

beaver chewed wood outdoor table

Beaver-chewed Wood Outdoor Table

I had to replace our old fire pit table as it was very tired from years of being in the sun and...

use a cracker box to make a napkin holder

Use a Cracker Box to Make a Napkin Holder

I had some peel and stick tile left over from doing a backsplash, a load of free time one day, and...

hide that ugly laundry area, Yikes

Hide That Ugly Laundry Area

As a renter, I couldn't make the kind or changes I would like to this laundry room, but having to...

i made a draft guard for a door with recycled materials

I Made a Draft Guard for a Door With Recycled Materials

I desperately needed a draft guard for the door to our cold storage room. The room maintains...

get more storage out of a microwave cart

Get More Storage Out of a Microwave Cart

This microwave cart was just a big space, with very little chance for good, organized storage. I...

the many uses for painter s tape, As a measuring device

The Many Uses for Painter's Tape

I love using painter's tape! It doesn't leave a sticky residue behind, even after being stuck to...

bring these old folks out of the dark

Bring These Old Folks Out of the Dark!

I made a collage of old photos to decorate tissue boxes.

i made a sofa out of a fold up cot

I Made a Sofa Out of a Fold-up Cot.

We needed a sofa for our small apartment but wanted something fairly small.