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How To Age A Brand New Door

I LOVE Old doors, I just don't have the space to store them, and good thing because I would collect them until my hearts content!
I have had some really cool doors in the past, like a 5 panel 1940's in house swing door that sold to a client as a headboard! BEASTLY heavy but super cool!
This time I wanted to try my hand at making a brand new 5 panel door look old! This is what I did...

unique gallery wall sitting corner makeover

Unique Gallery Wall & Sitting Corner Makeover

Look at this dark, original pine planking on one side, "just a space we pile everything" little corner! EEEEEk, I have thee post perfect idea for this space!!

up cycled drawers to shelves yes i did

Up-Cycled Drawers to Shelves. YES I Did.

I like to think outside of the box! I picked these Bathroom Cabinet drawers out of a 1930's house ready to be demolished. There was something sweet about them...I had an idea...

re creating a piano yes i did

Re-Creating A Piano, YES I Did!

I had a client who inherited her grandfathers piano. Her and her husband dislike the dated orange, yellow, brown and super shiny look and felt as if it was an 'eye sore' in their main living space. She asked me if i could transform it for her, YES YES YES!!I totally get the feeling of the history and family ties with this piece yet wanting an updated look for your 2018 home. I specialize in mixing eras! Here is where the challenge lies...the piano is SUPER shiny and feels almost like plastic but is in fact solid wood, and there is absolutely NO detail on it whatsoever! Good thing I love a good challenge!

diy cuban tile on any surface

DIY Cuban Tile On Any Surface!

I am seriously in LOVE with this new 12" x 12" Cuban Style Rubber STAMP! I have a painted concrete floor in my studio that I am going to try this Cuban Tile Design on.

brick wall stamping and this one in under 30 minutes

Brick Wall STAMPING and This One in Under 30 Minutes!

I have this little plain entry wall that needed something! A Brick Stamp made for furniture and walls? YES PLEASE! I stamped my wall in under 30 minutes! Read on to see how!

shower curtain s are not just for showers epic gallery wall edition

Shower Curtain's Are Not Just For Showers. Epic Gallery Wall Edition

Remember my post about using a shower curtain in my half bathroom for decor? Click HERE to read all about it!At the time I purchased 2 shower curtains, each a different design from Society6. I used the one design in my half bathroom as art BUT my heart belonged to the other design! Alas life got busy and it got forgotten about and shoved in a basket in my TV stand and there it sat for a year but always on my mind...until this moment.YES I DID, I used a shower curtain as art...again!

painted stairs why not, chalk paint, painting, stairs

Painted Stairs...Why Not?

I had some plain 'ol ugly looking stairs coming into my studio, and as I was sipping my tea one morning I thought I should add some panache to these stairs.

upcycling a vintage hutch into 2 new pieces, painted furniture

Upcycling a Vintage Hutch Into 2 New Pieces

I repainted a vintage hutch....nobody, and especially anyone with a new home wanted this HUGE 7ft tall and 6.5ft wide cabinet, what is a creative gal to do....

easiest bathroom makeover from tame to toile in 2 5hrs, bathroom ideas

Easiest Bathroom Makeover From Tame to Toile in 2.5hrs

We have a beautiful friend who was wanting her bathroom to have some pizazz and didn't want to bother with the mess of wallpaper SO when she saw the insanely easy technique we used on our Master Bedroom Makeover she was sold!!

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