how to give your dining room an update that is inexpensive, Before

How to Give Your Dining Room an Update That is INEXPENSIVE

Hello friends!I wanted to share how I gave my dining room a different look and feel without breaking the bank, and NO major renovations!Here’s what it looked like before:

antique dresser makeover see how i removed veneer

Antique Dresser Makeover - See How I Removed Veneer

I purchased this antique dresser from a friend who lives down the street from me. Isn’t she a beauty? The mirror was in excellent shape, no scratches or anything, which is very rare.

7 50 hutch top flipped upside down trash to treasure

$7.50 Hutch Top Flipped Upside Down Trash to Treasure!

Hello! I wanted to share my latest flip with you! I was browsing at my local thrift store a couple a weeks ago. I came across a hutch top and an entertainment center that was not all wood. They were both priced at $14.99 each. I decided to give it a week or two because I knew they would reduce the price. Glad I waited it out. The reduced price was $7.50, and of course, I could not pass it up!

30 00 thrift store dresser gets shabby coastal makeover

$30.00 Thrift Store Dresser Gets Shabby Coastal Makeover

I wanted to share a project that I have been working on for the last two days. I decided to enter the General Finishes Design Challenge 2018. This will be my first time entering the contest, so I was a bit stressed but also excited! Out of the numerous categories, I could enter, I chose to enter the "Secondary Purpose" category because this is what I love to do, give a piece a new use! And secondly, the "Coastal Blue" category, because I have always loved blues and the calmness they reflect.Here is the dresser. She was pretty beat up. The top was in horrible condition, with pieces of the molding damaged severely. The bottom molding pieces were in bad shape as well. However, the drawers were all functional and were in pretty decent shape. She was missing a piece of hardware, but that's an easy fix.

vintage sewing cabinet gets shabby chic makeover

Vintage Sewing Cabinet Gets Shabby Chic Makeover

I was super excited to find this vintage sewing machine cabinet for sale while scrolling through the Facebook Marketplace. It caught my eye because it was in the same small town I was, right down the road, can you say happy dance!

martha washington sewing cabinet gets a farmhouse makeover, Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet

Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet Gets a Farmhouse Makeover!

While browsing around in one of my favorite local thrift stores, I saw this precious piece of furniture tucked away in the back of the store. Poor thing's leg was broke, so I guess they thought nobody would want her.I approached the store owner, and told her I was interested in the cabinet. I scored it for $10 bucks. It was so unique. I knew it was vintage, but I had no idea what the cabinet was used for. There were two storage compartments on each end, which were very deep. I had thought maybe it was for an entry way, and the deep compartments were to store umbrellas.Here she is. The Hubs glued her leg back on for me. That's literally all it took.

5 file cabinet gets a beautiful new makeover, File Cabinet Makeover

$5 File Cabinet Gets a Beautiful New Makeover!

Auction find file cabinet gets a beautiful new makeover!

curbside bookcase transformed into farmhouse console table, Bookcase Curbside Find

Curbside Bookcase Transformed Into Farmhouse Shelf

Hello, all my fellow Junkers! I hope everyone had a great July 4th! We relaxed, stayed home, and grilled a good ole Boston Butt with all the trimmings! Baked beans, coleslaw, and sweet tea!I wanted to share my curbside bookcase find. Yep, someone actually was tossing it! Can you believe it?

grandma s antique washstand paint or not to paint, Antique Washstand After

Antique Washstand Rescued With Just Stain!

Being someone who repurposes furniture, you must constantly be on the lookout for pieces. That’s part of the job. I try to always find pieces that are close to home, and on rare occasions, I luck up. This piece I found scrolling through Facebook Marketplace. It was located right down the street I live on, SCORE! The photo was sideways and dark, so I could not see the piece very clearly. The asking price was $20.00, and the ad stated that it was an antique cabinet that needed work. My gut was screaming, buy, buy! My gut has never been wrong…. yet.

rusty sunshine wind chime gets a fresh farmhouse look for front door

Rusty Sunshine Wind Chime Gets A Fresh Farmhouse Look For Front Door

Look at this sunshine wind chime I found at a yard sale for a buck! Isn't she gorgeous! All the rust and wear and tear makes her even more beautiful. I wanted to give it a new, farmhouse feel so that I could use it on my front door. A fresh coat of paint and a little bit of distressing, she would be good as new! Well, almost. I wanted to keep the worn patina.

Christina Faye Repurposed
Christina Faye Repurposed
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