end table thrift store makeover with stencils

End Table Thrift Store Makeover With Stencils

Here is a cute end table thrift store makeover that I just finished to add to my collection of guest room makeover projects.I discovered Oil Bond after I decided to re-paint my bathroom vanity and decided to use it before I re-painted this end table to match the desk and rug in my guest room. I decided to use Oil Bond on this project and it turned out perfect for my guest room!

free printable diy rustic christmas ornaments

Free Printable DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments!

I have a very easy DIY rustic Christmas ornament craft idea to show you. All you need is to print out the image I have created, and turn it into a rustic Christmas ornament that you make yourself! It's so easy that you can have the kids make these and even use them as gifts for their teachers or grandparents!

thrift store makeover cd holder repurposed into fall decor

Thrift Store Makeover - CD Holder Repurposed Into Fall Decor

I recently went to my small town's local thrift store on a hunt to create a thrift store makeover. I came home with some gems and goodies, including this old CD holder, that I wanted to re-purpose into something new. A couple of other thrift store finds I made over, that were included in my free printable "Thankful" tablescape. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to turn the $0.75 CD holder into when I got it home, but I wanted to experiment with an idea to turn it into frugal fall decor. Below is what I came up with to transform "trash" into "treasure."

how to paint your bathroom vanity no sanding required

How To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity - No Sanding Required!

I have seen so many of the beautiful pictures of newly painted kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities on Pinterest, that I got inspired to do the same. What I did not want to have to do was tackle a project that involved sanding! The thought of sanding down the doors or drawers on my bathroom vanity was just not happening in my world. So I was looking for was to get around this and discovered the product Oil Bond.It is is a latex paint additive that helps latex paint adhere to oil-based or glossy surfaces, including polyurethane. I'm going to show you today how I used it to paint my bathroom vanity and tell you that if you are considering painting yours, use this stuff, because it was so easy and it turned out amazing!

diy charcoal and clay facial bar soap with essential oils

DIY Charcoal and Clay Facial Bar Soap With Essential Oils

The next homemade beauty product I'm going to show you how to make today is DIY charcoal and clay facial bar soap. This is an incredibly easy way to make your own melt and pour bar soap with just three main ingredients, plus essential oils. If you suffer from mild acne, using this soap could be better for your skin than other harsher cleaning products.

how to make a ribbon christmas card display

How To Make A Ribbon Christmas Card Display

In the past when Christmas cards showed up in the mail, I made the mistake of using poster putty or tape to hang them up in my living room entry way. What a mess both of those can leave on your walls! I've had to use magic erasers to clean them up.So I came up with a new solution to display my Christmas cards using Command Hooks, ribbon, and small clothes pins. These don't leave any marks on the wall and they can be used year after year

how to reupholster an ottoman tutorial

How To Reupholster an Ottoman Tutorial

Does your ottoman look anything like this?You know, with the nice pleather outing that a furry baby (aka your cat) has literally almost torn to shreds? My cats have this weird 6th sense that tells them that all of our ottomans like this (we have 3) were made for their claws to ruin.And ruin they have succeeded in doing. So now that my cats have ruined my ottomans, I have two options. One - buy a new one. Probably since I don't want to spend a ton, it will be of the same cheap fake leather and cost me about $50-$75 to replace. Or two - reupholster it myself for less than half of that cost - with a fabric that my cats can't tear apart with one swipe of their claws.

baby shower decoration gift diaper tricycle tutorial

Baby Shower Decoration & Gift - Diaper Tricycle Tutorial

DIY Diaper Tricycle Tutorial for a Baby Shower GiftI remember the first time I saw a diaper bike on Pinterest, I thought the idea was so stinkin' cute that I just had to make one for my future niece or nephew who is due August 2018! I decided to make a tricycle though because it would be more stable. I couldn't easily find a post with up close step by step pictures showing exactly how to make a diaper tricycle and what products were used to add to it - so I decided to make the best tutorial I could to make it super easy for you to duplicate! Then you can bring a similar show stopper gift to the next baby shower you are invited to!

how to make homemade fluffy slime for kids

How to Make Homemade Fluffy Slime For Kids

How to Make Homemade Fluffy Slime For KidsWe recently made this homemade fluffy slime at our house, and I want to share it with you because it will keep the kids busy for a while - rain or shine! Plus with summer vacation here - you will want this activity on hand to keep your kiddos busy. I know that my kids LOVE slime right now (its almost as cool as fidget spinners were!) You may even have many of the materials at home needed to make this now!

stop wrestling with cardboard box flaps with this one easy trick

STOP Wrestling With Cardboard Box Flaps With This One EASY Trick!

My smart engineer husband always has interesting and smart ways to solve life's annoying problems. Here is the latest that I got him to record for us so that we can all benefit - How To Make A Resealable Cardboard Box. Now we don't have to wrestle with the cardboard box flaps to get them folded correctly!

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