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Under Counter Paper Towel Holder

In redoing our island (you can read more about that process here: (http://www.lessonsfromthelake.com/the-kitchen-island-reveal/ ), we removed a cook top that had "dummy" drawers underneath it. I HATE having paper towels on the counter so we added an under counter paper towel holder!

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5 Minute Flanged Pillow Tutorial

I love to change up the look of things in my house, but since I am on a budget I tend to re-arrange things more than adding to my decor. I had to run to the Dollar General this morning to get some spray paint for another project (coming soon!) and decided to see if there was anything left in the Christmas decor on sale.

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Easy Peasy Dollar Store Decoupaged Easter Eggs!

Dollar store eggs, napkins and glue are all you need to make these cute eggs!
Today I am sharing another really simple Easter egg craft that I first did with my Grandmother over 45 years ago. Yes, I am telling my age! I have written before about how much I loved going to my Grandmother’s house and looking forward to what new craft she was working on for her church bazaar. We made these when I was in elementary school so this is also a craft you can do with children or grandchildren.

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Dollar Store Cloche

Do you know what a cloche is?(Sounds like 'coach' with an 'L' in it) A cloche or bell jar is a glass jar that is used in gardening to protect new sprouts. It actually acts like a mini-greenhouse for seedlings.

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What Do You Do When You Are Stuck Inside? I Redid My Island!

A few weeks ago when the weather was so horrible and we were stuck inside for what seemed like days, I decided to paint my kitchen island red!
To be perfectly honest, we were already planning to redo it and had even started on it.
The below picture is how it was before we began.That big cutting board is covering up a large hole where the stove top used to be. (You can see my beautiful stove peeking out in the picture in the very back) If you are interested in how we constructed the hood for it, you can read about that here: http://www.hometalk.com/6870969/how-we-built-our-stove-hood-for-almost-free

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A Quick, Cheap Rustic Burlap Christmas Tree

These little styrofoam trees are all over Pinterest. This one is so easy, quick and CHEAP! Mine was less than $3.00!

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From 80's Blah To Vintage Wow!

Today I’m going to show you my dining room chairs and how I re-did them. I paid $40.00 for 4 chairs. They are really heavy and quality made. You may think a ten dollar chair isn’t anything you would like- but what do you think of these

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Old Tool Box Upcycle

This old tool box was sitting in a corner of a resale store and I almost passed by it. The veneer was coming off and it was dirty but the blue color caught my eye.

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Faux-Silver Embossed Eggs

A couple of days ago I shared my Dollar Store Cloche (you can find it here: http://www.hometalk.com/7343567/dollar-store-cloche)
Today I am showing you my simple faux-silver embossed eggs!

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Do You Feed Birds or Pets? Then Look at This Easy Upcycle!

When my husband brought home this bag of birdseed I thought the bag was so pretty that I didn't want to throw it away!
The time came when the bag was empty and I had to come up with something to do with it!
My husband and I travel a good bit and I also occasionally shop at a store where you have to provide your own shopping bags.