all purpose citrus vinegar cleaner clean your home naturally, cleaning tips, home decor

All Purpose Citrus Vinegar Cleaner - Clean Your Home Naturally

Vinegar can be used as an all purpose cleaner. If you can get past the scent! Here's how I freshen...

get rid of insects in your pinecones before you decorate with them, crafts, Bake before you decorate

Get rid of insects in your pinecones before you decorate with them!

Bake your pinecones to kill insects and stop the sap flow.Bake at 250 ° on a foiled lined baking...

how i spray paint hardware, painted furniture, Finished hardware

How I Spray Paint hardware

I love it when I can reuse hardware from the furniture pieces that I refresh. Clean, sand, spray....

how to create a white pumpkin wreath, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, My White Pumpkin Wreath

How to Create a White Pumpkin Wreath

See my inspiration and how I recreated one similar :)

holiday wood rocking horse re do idea, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Wood Rocking Horse Re-Do Idea

I have been searching high and low for an affordable vintage wood rocking horse. Those things are...

fall entry natural and neutal, crafts, home decor, seasonal holiday decor

Fall Entry Natural and Neutal

Welcome to my Fall Entry. Our fabulous decorating enthusiast group came up with a fun challenge!...

fall tablescape neutral and natural, crafts, home decor, seasonal holiday decor

Fall Tablescape - Neutral and Natural

Fall is in the air at our house! I created a natural tablescape on my farm table. I used small...

ikea billy bookcase hack to outdoor bar table, how to, outdoor living, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack

I was challenged by HomeRight to get creative and come up with an idea for hacking a bookcase. I...

how to make an farmhouse industrial cage for your light, diy, electrical, how to, lighting

How to Make an Farmhouse - Industrial Cage for Your Light

For around $3, you can make an industrial cage for your light. Get the farmhouse look for less!

makeover a china hutch, painted furniture

Makeover a China Hutch

I used Maison Blanche for an old ugly brown China Hutch. I cleaned the piece applied 2 coats of...

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