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Giving an old couch new life

Funny how a few cans of spray paint can turn an old metal outdoor couch into something really special! I bought this couch 2 years ago at a yard sale for $15.00, did'nt know how I was going to use it until this Fall. Everytime I look at it, Makes me love this time of the year even more!

5 tips for a successful wallpaper project, how to, wall decor

5 Tips for a Successful Wallpaper Project

I have stood back and secretly wished to do wallpaper somewhere in my home for many years. Frist thing was trying to .convince my husband that I would not get tired of it in after a few months See, I like change but I also knew if I found the right paper, room and wall then it would live happily ever after. I have not wallpapered before so I was a bit apprehensive but after applying that first run, bam I feared nothing. The key to successful wallpapering is measure not once, not twice but three times. Third time really is a charm. For my other critical tips , for a beginner head over to the blog. You will be wallpapering in no time at all.

diy stone steps you can do it too, concrete masonry, curb appeal, diy, outdoor living, Set of Steps in the backyard that lead to the play area

DIY Stone Steps- You can do it too!

We just love a good DIY project and putting in stone steps is no exception. With the right mixer, stone, concrete and a great "mason " partner we were able to accomplish putting stone steps in the backyard and a few other stone projects around the house.

my john deere mailbox, curb appeal

My John Deere Mailbox

Okay you city girls don't get all jealous on me cause of my mailbox. We usually do this kind of stuff in the country. But we did this for good reason. Tractor mailbox, green and yellow paint, 3 foot piece of wood and concrete and this mailbox is not going anywhere. Visit my blog for the details that led us to this decision!

repurposing an old fire bowl, container gardening, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Repurposing an Old Fire Bowl

I just had to have the fire bow three years ago....but sadly I never used it. So my fire bowl that I purchased at Lowe's just sat, and sat, until I decided to repurpose it into a fabulous flower container. Didn't take much to transform , a little elbow grease to clean it and a can of spray paint and she was ready to fill with soil and summer flowers. I'm still glad that I had to have it cause it looks amazing!

the best hardwood floor advice you will get today, flooring, hardwood floors, home maintenance repairs, Before cleaning I use my shark steamer which omits a high degree of water and no water residual on the floor

The best Hardwood floor advice you will get today

If you live in a house like me with big wheels and roller skates buzzing by on your hardwood floors then you know after time your floors begin to take a beating. And it's not just the big wheels, it's the sun and foot traffic that help the floors lose their once upon a time luster and shine. Rather then going through the process of resanding and restaining , I occasionally will use a product call reviver to help give back some some of the "newness" to my hardwood flooring. For a quick demonstration and to see the big wheel culprit , come visit me on my blog.

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Home Office Makeover

Boy has my style changed! Although I spend a considerable amount of time in my office, it took the longest time for me to pull it together. I went from shocking green and black to soft grey and ivory. Now paying the bills isn't so painful when I sit at my desk!

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Refurbish your old chaise loungers

Don't throw those old chairs out quite yet! With a little time, some outdoor canvas and simple sewing basics you can turn these old, weathered lounge chairs into the envy of the backyard. Better hurry so you have a place to sit before Spring arrives!

how to make gold ikat table runner from a stencil, painting, seasonal holiday decor, thanksgiving decorations

DIY Gold Ikat Table Runner From a Stencil for Your Holiday Table

With a little gold paint and a stencil you can turn brown ordinary craft paper into something spectacular for your Thanksgiving table. Your guests will never know that it was really paper.

guest bath makeover, bathroom ideas, painting, My transfomed Guest Bathroom

Guest Bath Makeover

My challenge was to cover up "faux" plaster stones in my guest bath. Rather then sand down, I decided to paint them a lighter color. To my surprise the new stones look more authentic then the original one's I painted a few years back. Come see more photos and details of the project at

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