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Best Way to Remove Wallpaper

The best way to remove wallpaper (in my humble opinion) is steam.
I've used chemicals and it they're messy. Plus, they sometimes don't work all that well.
A few years back we bought a wallpaper steamer. IT IS AWESOME!!!

shower grout that doesn t stain or need sealed ever, bathroom ideas, home maintenance repairs, This is the new epoxy grout the floor drain doesn t have it s cover because the grout isn t cured yet

Shower Grout that Doesn't Stain or Need Sealed, Ever!

Dingy and moldy grout just stinks.
Plus it's embarassing when you have house guests.
This past weekend I installed epoxy shower grout in between our 2 x 2 inch shower floor tiles.

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Dishwasher Not Cleaning Properly? 5 Quick Tips to Make it Like New

There's nothing worse than seeing gritty residue at the bottom of your drinking glass.
This is especially true if you have company at your house, it's the holidays, and your wife is the one who spotted the problem. So what's the solution?
Here are a few tips that helped us with our dishwasher's efficiency

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Cleaning Shower Tile & Grout:What Works and What Doesn't

How on earth do you get your shower grout and ceramic tile looking new again?
Last weekend I compared three different products: OxiClean, Eco Orange Cleaner, and Chlorox. OxiClean is oxygenated bleach and is a great alternative to chlorinated bleach because it doesn't give off odors and discolor clothing or carpets. Eco Orange is expensive ($80 per gallon), and it would help to know if it works on tough tile & grout stains before you purchase it. Chlorox is highly recommended for cleaning showers but does it always work?

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Ingenious Window Insulation Tip!!!

We all need to lower our heating bills, right? This ingenious window insulating tip might just be your next weekend project. The total cost is less than $20 and takes about 20 minutes.
Here's the tip: use bubble wrap.
I know what your'e thinking, the window will look awful.

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How to Remove Old Stinky Carpet: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Who likes nasty worn out carpet?
Not me and I bet you don't either. Unfortunately, our kids kinda spilled some glue and other unmentionable items over the last 6 years (in addition to the fact that we didn't like the color).
Carpet removal can be a lumbering job but I put together a checklist on what to do to make it easier. Plus, you'll want to check out the subfloors to make sure your new flooring has a safe place to reside.

sliding glass door hardware update your style for under 23, doors, We re super pleased with the updated style of our sliding glass door hardware and we saved over 100 with this project

Sliding Glass Door Hardware: Update Your Style for Under $23

I was so tired of seeing our worn out sliding glass door hardware. Last weekend I decided to dedicate a little bit of time and money to this project.
Our interior doors have oil rubbed bronze handles and hinges. And I wanted the sliding glass door handle to match. We could have bought a handle but I wanted to save a few bucks (more than a few bucks as it turns out!).
This is a really nice weekend project you can tackle. For more info on how to do it and some cool before & after pics click on this hyperlink

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Faucet Handle Cleanup-Suggestions for Hardwater Deposits?

I installed this oil-rubbed bronze Delta faucet 3 years ago and it has hard water deposits on it. I was going to remove it and soak it in a bath of white vinegar to remove the residue. But does anyone have a better suggestion or encountered the same problem. Thanks everyone.

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Amazing Grease Cleaning for Kitchen Hoods (I'm in AWE)

Do you hate cleaning grease off your kitchen hood & filter? Me too. This past week I found an awesome degreaser in the automotive department of a big box store. After doing a pre-test to make sure it would react well with my hood I used it.
And the results are AMAZING. This will be the best $5 you'll spend.
The product is Super Clean. Hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

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Cement Step Repair: Get Your Curb Appeal Back in One Day!

After a long cold winter we had to repair our cement steps. I'm guessing you might have to do this, too. So I decided to share how we fixed our steps in one and got our curb appeal back for the spring season!! You can totally DIY this same project and save some money for spring flowers.
For a complete step-by-step video you can also visit my blog post over on Home Repair Tutor.
Let me know if you've got any questions because I'd be happy to help :)

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