cover shoeboxes with newspaper for stylish frugal storage, crafts, decoupage, Shoe boxes covered in newspaper

Cover Shoeboxes With Newspaper For Stylish Frugal Storage

I needed a lot of storage containers for my new craft room. So how to have storage without breaking the bank? I mod podged newspaper onto shoe boxes. I only used mod podge under the paper, not over, as I didn't want any shine. I also left some Converse boxes plain, but added labels. For more info on how I did that, check out my page.

checkerboard painted concrete basement floor in new craft room i m building, basement ideas, concrete masonry, painting, Painted concrete floor

Checkerboard painted concrete basement floor in new craft room I'm building.

I'm building a craft room in our basement. I've painted the cement floor with a diagonal checkerboard pattern using floor paint and a dry brush technique. Using a hand-cut stencil 8 in. square, I drew a line along one long wall, the a parallel line along one short wall, then stenciled my first row of squares, making sure two corners of the square touched each of the lines for the first one, the the line and the tip of the previous square for the rest of the row. It is not an exacting method, but I was going for an aged, worn look. I dry brushed the paint on, leaving lighter areas to further create a time worn look. The open square I left in their natural concrete state.

ruffled dropcloth curtains, crafts, home decor, reupholster, window treatments, windows

Ruffled Dropcloth Curtains

I've been needing new living room curtains for a long time. Finally I tackled the project and I'm in love with the results. This is a large window, so I used a 9x12 dropcloth.

dilapitated cabinet turned farmhouse spice cabinet, cleaning tips, kitchen cabinets, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas, Farmhouse spice cabinet after

Dilapitated Cabinet Turned Farmhouse Spice Cabinet

This poor old cabinet almost hit the burn pile, but I plucked it from the brink of death, gave it a lot of love and now it proudly holds my herbs and spices.

diy beaded napkin rings, crafts, Use hardware solid rings wire and beads to make napkin rings

DIY Beaded Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are so expensive! You can make these beaded napkin rings for about $1.50 each.

upcycled metal storage container, cleaning tips

Upcycled Metal Storage Container

I needed something for all the little bits and bobs that don't really fit a catagory for storage. This tin was perfect, but not so pretty. You can read how I "prettied" it up here:

bead container rack for my craft room, cleaning tips, craft rooms, I can sit at the desk and just reach up for the right container of beads

Bead Container Rack For My Craft Room

I wanted storage, for my round see-through bead containers, that wasn't too deep. This way I can see at a glance what I have. No digging through containers with tiny little divisions. To read how I made it, visit my blog.

chicken coop, home improvement, pets animals

Chicken Coop

I'm turning a worn playhouse into a new chicken coop! The outside is done. Now for the inside work. Here are the before and afters.

chicken coop progress, home improvement, painting, pets animals, Inside coop before

Chicken coop progress

The chicken coop is almost ready! I built the nesting boxes and roost, and spray painted the inside white.To read more:

tutorial for rustic heart wreath, crafts, wreaths, Rustic Heart Wreath with Roses Burlap and Twig Wreath

Tutorial For Rustic Heart Wreath

Step -by-step tutorial for my rustic heart wreath. Click below to find out how to make your own!

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