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How To Clean Your Chandeliers and Light Fixtures in Minutes!

One day we were eating dinner when I just happened to look up at the light fixture above our table....ick. It was covered with dust. Needless to say, as soon as we finished eating, I had to clean it. The thought of that dust falling on our food put me into a frenzy. I stood on top of our table with one simple tool, and it was over in minutes!

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DIY Fizzing Toilet Cleaning Tablets

What's more disgusting than cleaning a toilet? Not much! I'm not saying that you will never have to clean your toilet at all, but in between those times, you can use these easy to make fizzing toilet cleaning tabs to keep your toilet sanitized and fresh smelling! You just toss them in and they fiz and do all of the cleaning work so you don't have to!

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DIY Cat Deterrent - Stop Furniture Scratching and Urinating on Carpet

I love my cats, but when they started scratching my new couch and one of them started urinating on an area of our carpet, I had to find a solution. I wanted to be sure that it was safe for them, so I did a ton of research and came up with this all natural, chemical free cat deterrent spray. It smells great and works like a charm. My cats don't seem upset, they just avoid the area where I spray it!

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Homemade Oil Plug-In Refill

I had a ton of these lying around our home, and decided it was finally time to pitch them...then I thought maybe I can make my own refills! I gave it a try and the result is perfect! Using my own ingredients, I made several amazing, chemical free refill solutions and my house smells amazing!

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Get a Clean Dishwasher With Vinegar!

I've read that vinegar and vinegar only can be used to get your dishwasher clean, but I wanted to test it for myself. I've been on a cleaning spree since the holiday season ended, so I decided to tackle my icky dishwasher a few days ago, and now I'm sharing my results!

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The Easiest Way To Dust Your Electronics

My TV always seems to have dust and hair on it, and to be honest, it completely grosses me out. I figured out the easiest way to keep it clean using old dryer sheets! Simply save your old dryer sheets for quick dusting and forget buying the expensive dusting supplies at the store!

diy wood safe floor cleaner, cleaning tips, flooring, go green

DIY Wood Safe Floor Cleaner

I have made a ton of homemade cleaning solutions, but was a little nervous about making a mopping solution for my wood floors. I wanted to make sure that I could make something that wouldn't damage them, but will still get them clean. After much research, I came up with the perfect DIY Wood Safe Floor Cleaner!

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Growing and Caring For Air Plants - Tillandsias

I thought I'd seen it all when it came to plants until a few weeks ago! I was visiting a greenhouse that a friend had told me about when I found these amazing plants called Air Plants or Tillandsia. I was so enamoured with them that I grilled the florist for about 30 minutes. I left with a different plant that day, but couldn't get them out of my mind and ended up going back to get my own this week! I can't wait to tell you all about them!

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Make Your Own Odor Absorber / Air Freshener

If you have a musty smelling closet, stinky bathroom or pets, then this tip is for you! In some spaces in our home, it seems like no matter how often I clean, there is still a musty odor or smell. We have animals, so this is pretty normal, but I still don't like it. So, I decided to make a few odor absorbers to stick around the house in the areas where smells tend to son's bathroom, the room where the cat litter box is, and my closet...just to keep them smelling fresh! These little things work wonders, and are cute too!

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Make Your Own Fabric Softener on the CHEAP!

A few days ago, I shared my favorite recipe for Homemade Laundry Detergent, and today I want to share how to make your own fabric softener on the cheap! My laundry comes out clean, smelling fresh and super soft! You won't believe how easy it is to make your own!

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