diy pallet planter, diy, gardening, how to, pallet, repurposing upcycling, succulents, woodworking projects, This is the original underside of the pallet but I ve used this side to create 6 mini planter boxes with 4 x 100mm 3in pots

DIY Pallet Planter

After upcycling a couple of timber pallets into vertical planters for a Garden Expo display recently, I thought I'd share the steps to make one + some ways you can use them. I used both sides of each pallet and for this project, they both lent themselves to 6 mini window boxes where I could sit small pot plants but they can just as easily be widened to fit larger rectangular pots in the same space. If you want to follow the steps in my tutorial you can find lots of photos and how to do it at Like any pallet project, it's important to remember to choose pallets that are not chemically treated - I share tips on this subject at the end of my post on '20 Creative Ways to Upcycle Pallets in Your Garden' - which also shows you how to dismantle a pallet and lots of other useful tips on working with pallets. The only real cost for this project was the paint and screws as the pallets and palings were free and we had some star pickets in the shed. To buy steel star pickets new they cost around A$15 but last a lifetime. Hooks are optional and you can use whatever suits your taste and budget. I'd love to know if you've made one of these too!

styling a garden fence makeover, fences, flowers, gardening

Styling a Garden Fence Makeover

This was a quick little project I created to add interest & style to a small townhouse garden on a tiny budget to present it for sale. I repurposed lattice from an old potting shed & hung as a frame for planters on the boundary fence. This feature vertical garden can be seen from an outdoor seating area & when walking down the path. It also ties in with another garden art feature on the opposite wall of the building. I'll post the other projects for this property separately. If you've only got a small space like this narrow courtyard garden, simple design principles such as repetition and clever use of colour can really make an impact without spending a fortune!

gardening tips prepare planting soil, composting, container gardening, gardening, homesteading, A little effort will reap BIG rewards later

3 Steps to Prepare Your Garden for Planting

Are your plants THRIVING or just SURVIVING? If your garden is not growing well, try these 3 simple steps to help. Just like WE thrive on a nutrient-dense diet in a stress-free environment, healthy plants need 'food' and a 'happy home' to live in too. If we meet the ‘needs’ of our plants, they will flourish, blossom and produce a bountiful harvest.

20 diy creative plant labels, crafts, gardening

20 DIY Creative Plant Labels

Need some inspiration for cheap, easy, decorative and practical plant markers? I put together a post with a round up of ideas to get you started. Here are a few:

seed starting guide quick tips for starting seeds successfully, container gardening, gardening

Seed Starting Guide: Quick Tips for Starting Seeds Successfully

I raise a lot of seeds and thought it might be helpful for beginners. These are some tips for those who struggle to raise 'plant babies'.

diy fertilisers how to feed your garden with banana peels, how to

DIY Fertilisers: How to Feed Your Garden With Banana Peels

Want to save money in your garden and grow healthier plants? One of the easiest ways to do this is to make your own free DIY fertilisers. How? With organic materials and household food 'waste' like banana peels. Recycle valuable nutrients back into your soil to feed your plants. A sustainable solution for home gardeners. This is how I do it.

20 creative ways to upcycle pallets in your garden, gardening, pallet, repurposing upcycling, Hardwood pallet upcycled into a stunning vertical garden perfect for a narrow balcony or limited space Repeating coordinated colours works well You can find the DIY instructions in the post

20 Creative Ways to Upcycle Pallets in Your Garden

I regularly repurpose pallets for a variety of home and garden projects & rounded up 20 projects with tutorials + safety tips for growing edibles; how to identify whether pallets have been chemically treated & a video on dismantling pallets easily. I hope these ideas inspire you. I'd love to know how you use pallets at your place!

bee friendly gardens insect hotels hand pollinating tips, gardening, homesteading, repurposing upcycling, Tips to attract bee guests to your hotel

Bee-Friendly Gardens, Insect Hotels & Hand Pollinating Tips

When we plant for bees, our gardens not only become more BEE-autiful, but also more productive. I'm sharing how to create insect hotels; hand pollinate your crops to boost your harvest; grow garden-friendly habitat for pollinators + choose bee-friendly flowers. Dig in!

4 steps to improve pollination your harvests part 1, gardening, go green, homesteading, Bees are vital for an abundant harvest

4 Steps to Improve Pollination & Your Harvests: Part 1

Are you disappointed with low yields from your fruiting crops (zucchini, pumpkin, citrus, berries etc)? Do you notice flowers + baby fruits form but then drop, wither & die? Not many bees in your garden? Would you love an abundance of home grown food instead? Find out common reasons for poor pollination + practical tips on what you can do to help boost your harvest.

17 garden goals for your health wellbeing, gardening, go green, homesteading, organizing, outdoor living, It s fun easy rewarding to set your goals

17 Garden Goals for Your Health & Wellbeing

Want a garden that feeds your mind, body and soul? If you're dealing with health issues or the stresses of life, an edible garden can help improve your health, wellbeing and enJOYment. This article shares 17 tips for planning, working with nature + growing a beautiful food garden.

The Micro Gardener - Anne
The Micro Gardener - Anne
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