part 3 of fixing our house after an accident

Part 3 of Fixing Our House After an Accident

In Part 2 of Fixing Our House After an Accident I gave some insight into repairing the damage from a...

putting your home back together after an accident

Putting Your Home Back Together After an Accident

Three weeks after we moved into our new "forever" home, downsizing by half to 1700 square feet, we...

giving a clock a new look

Giving a Clock a New Look

In the ongoing process of making my new house, my home, I wanted an aged brass finish clock to match...

a special halloween treat bag for my granddaughter

A Special Halloween Treat Bag for My Granddaughter

I try to limit candy for my granddaughter for holidays. At almost eight years old, she has many of...

thanksgiving centerpiece plans

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Plans

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! The days continue their relentless march into coat...

an updated halloween wreath

An Updated Halloween Wreath

It suddenly dawned on me today, that as pretty as my yellow wreath is on the front door of my new...

a simple cover for my footstool, After the corners are sewn

A Simple Cover for My Footstool

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are moving into our much smaller dream house. We are using...

a sunny mailbox

A Sunny Mailbox

My husband and I recently purchased our little dream home. It had been completely gutted, with...

a new house number for my house

A New House Number for My House

With all the extremes in weather this year, I've been trying to find inexpensive ways to brighten up...

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