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Steps to an Unfinished Attic Part 2 The Finished Product.

I posted about a year ago my steps that lead to an unfinished attic. Someday I hope to finish the attic for a master bedroom. But for now I wanted the stairwell to look pretty.

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Vintage Suitcase Table

This is one of the easiest and most rewarding projects I have done to date. Love the look of old suitcases.

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Stairs That Lead to an Unfinished Attic.

I purchased a 1952 Cap Cod and have been painting and taking up old carpet I believe has been in the house from day one. Other then the void of wood from an old gravity fed furnace the floors are in great shape. However I want to make my steps looks like the picture posted. But it leads you to a big unfinished attic. I plan to finish it someday but for now thinking of just painting the steps. I want to replace the attic door from a wood door to a glass door.. 10 light door. Is this crazy of me to paint steps that lead to no where?

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Home Decorating and Recipe Share

I re purposed and old ladder that I found in the garage of my Cape Cod just after buying the house. The owner said it was used on the house from the time it was built. I wanted it to come inside. So this is what I did. If you enjoy this and other type of home sharing visit my page. And please join the group.