total makeover garden shed potting bench and a new home for my herbs

Total Makeover: Garden Shed, Potting Bench and a New Home for My Herbs

With a few gallons of paint and two repurposed tables I rescued from an old shed, I created a little herb garden and a pottting bench, where I spend hours during Spring and Summer

cabin log style bathroom

Cabin Log Style Bathroom

For a couple of years, we kept a pile of siding wood that we got while we removed an old shed (you can see that project in my post called "a shed in the wrong place). I knew I was going to use that siding somewhere else but didn't know where. This past Summer I finally got inspired and decided to change the look of our main bathroom. Originally it was painted in plain green. Even though I like the color green, I thought it was time to make a change. This is what I did.....

a shed in the wrong place

A Shed in the Wrong Place

When we moved to our house during Winter,4 years ago, we found an old shed out of place. It was attached to the house in front of bedroom and bathroom windows! Because we live in Washington State, we had a foot or two of snow during the Winter months, so during the cold months,the whole family worked on brainstorming ideas for the project. Once the snow melted in ealry Spring, we transformed that space into one of our favorite places in the house.

new garden in a forgotten corner, gardening, outdoor living

New garden in a forgotten corner

We moved to our house three years ago, and in the backyard there was this space, surrounded by an old fence. Inside there was nothing but pieces of nylon and a rotten roof in one side. The place was a part of the house where nobody wanted to go. So.....we took away the rotten roof, and with some pieces of wood my husband made raised beds, then we painted the old fence, we put a little table and chairs and now we have a beautiful garden where we spend a lot of time every day....

About meI'm always looking for ways to improve my house. I'm also a DIY kind of person, so I love to change the look of some rooms, furnitures and spaces. I'm also very artistic, I love painting with acrylics, charcoal, pencil and beeswax.....yes, I paint with beeswax because I'm also a beekeeper, so I like to use the beeswax we obtain from the hives, to make products like candles, lip balm, lotions and paintings. Love gardening too, and I combine all my hobbies when I want to make some improvements around the house.