planting a container salad garden

Planting a Container Salad Garden

The fall and early spring are perfect times for planting salad, and no matter the size of your yard,...

diy weed killer

DIY Weed Killer

Control those pesky weeds with this easy DIY Weed Killer!

how to harvest sunflower seeds

How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

Summer's favorite flower is also easy and fun to harvest for seeds!

how to dry hydrangeas

How to Dry Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are lush and beautiful in the summer. Drying is an easy way to keep them in your decor...

how to root basil, Place cutting in water and wait

How to Root Basil

Basil is the most popular herb grown, and it's easy to root more plants for yourself or friends!

how to clean garden tools

How to Clean Garden Tools

Garden tools work hard for you, so treat them well by keeping them clean, and they will last for...

how to start composting

How to Start Composting

Put your kitchen scraps and yard waste to use by composting them into "gold" that your garden and...

diy garden twine bucket

DIY Garden Twine Bucket

Repurpose an old plastic container into a caddy for garden helps!

diy potting soil recipe

DIY Potting Soil Recipe

Making your own potting soil is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ingredients!

tips for planting tomatoes

Tips for Planting Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a spring and summer garden favorite! Find out how to plant them well to get a better...

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