how to winterize your garden in 3 easy steps

How to Winterize Your Garden in 3 Easy Steps!

Put your garden to bed for the winter in just three easy steps.

diy striped flower pot

DIY Striped Flower Pot

Give those old terra cotta flower pots new life with some chalk and acrylic paints!

tips for gardening in small spaces

Tips for Gardening in Small Spaces

Not all of us have large yards to garden in. In fact, the maintenance of large gardens can keep some from trying, so why not use a smaller space wisely and still have a great harvest!

tips for planting fall bulbs

TIps for Planting Fall Bulbs

The fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs for spring flowers. Here are some tips to help you out!

diy self watering planter

DIY Self-Watering Planter

Self-watering planters make gardening a breeze. No more guesswork on how much to water your plants! Now you can make any container a self-watering planter.

how to test old seeds

How to Test Old Seeds

Using an entire seed packet is quite the feat in one season. So how can you tell if last year's seeds are still good?

tips for growing mint

Tips for Growing Mint

Mint is a fabulous herb for use in cooking and keeping certain bugs at bay. Here are some helpful tips for growing and maintaining mint!

how to get rid of cabbage worms

How to Get Rid of Cabbage Worms

Cabbage moths and the worms that appear after their eggs hatch can wreak havoc on greens and brassicas in the garden. Here are 4 natural ways to get rid of them.

planting a container salad garden

Planting a Container Salad Garden

The fall and early spring are perfect times for planting salad, and no matter the size of your yard, a container works wonders!

diy weed killer

DIY Weed Killer

Control those pesky weeds with this easy DIY Weed Killer!

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The Kitchen Garten
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