from curb side door to first impression art piece, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, The door Now what I refer to as out Hallway Mantle

From Curb Side Door to First Impression Art Piece!

Well, with all of our renovations - we have finally reached the decorating stage, and as I typically sell all of my creations - I decided that this one was for us! Displaying just how fun and quirky our little family really is! And now we finally have a place for all of our coats, scarves, purses, sweaters and more! A fun piece not only to make but to display!
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a new twist on a trunk table monster makeover, diy, living room ideas, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects, All done

A New Twist on a Trunk Table. Monster Makeover

This was actually a huge makeover. I don't know if I can get all the steps in here or not. But.... I do a lot of repurposing. A LOT. ( if you follow me on Facebook you know!) And I love trunks. LOVE! I do quite a few trunks as coffee tables. A different look and finish each time. But this time I wanted to challenge myself. Go big or go home! So, I decided, this baby wasn't getting painted or anything -she was getting stripped and added to!
She was covered in mildew, inside and out. Covered in a mold filled canvas on the outside. So finding this natural beautiful wood underneath was awesome!
It took a LOT of work to get it back to this shape. I had to remove the canvas, the paper lining inside, then scrub her down hard! I used TSP and the mop bucket was black after three wipes. ICK!

repurposed porch swing, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Repurposed Porch Swing

This was a fun to do! All custom ordered from a great couple! They threw caution to the wind and told me to do my "thang" and voila - here it is! Honestly, I was worried I couldn't pull this off at first. A young couple came in and told me they were on the hunt for a new porch swing and decided if anyone could bring their idea to life I could! ( pretty honoured they thought of me, not going to lie) So, they had scooped up some dog beds from a pet store. ( brilliant considering how much normal cushions cost) They were too stinkin cute!

paper top tutorial, painted furniture, Here is the final look when applied to a piece of furniture I have also seen a great tutorial on Hometalk here using it for flooring

Paper Top Tutorial

This offers a fabulous finish when done right! Here is a quick little tutorial on using paper as a new faux top. The great side to this is, using different crumpling techniques and different stains can give you many varied outcomes! The only limit is your fear to experiment. After all, it's only paper. If you don't like it, change it! Recipe and instructions are on the photos as you browse them. Hope it helps and have fun with it!!!

you nique sleigh bed transformation, painted furniture, Her finished view from the left side

You-Nique *Sleigh Bed* Transformation

SAVE! You could see those puppy dog eyes calling for love! Gypsy Barn to the Rescue! Here are some shots as we created this beauty. This was actually built for an indoor piece. It was just too big to get in the house to photo shoot. The new owners have frenchdoors and just walked it right in! VERY comfy! Thanks for all the love!!!

decoupage dressers map upcycle, diy, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

A Different Spin on Repurposing Dressers

I was crossing my fingers one day I would find a dresser with beautiful bones, but so damaged I could justify trying something I had been wanting to for a while! I got the call about a dresser someone had sent to the curb and sure was exactly what I had been looking for! For my own personal needs, I need something beautiful, classic, sturdy, with drawers and a large open area to store my larger and bulkier items. I figured if I could find a dresser I loved the lines of, I might be able to somehow turn 2 drawers into one large door with a nice open concept storage area inside. Cross fingers! It WORKED! Now there were a LOT of steps involved and I will post as many as I can here, but for the full detailed blog, feel free to swing over to my ( not so fab skilled blog) and read a bit more on it!

repurposed piano with many options for functionality, diy, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, Use simply as a nice book shelf area Maybein the kitchen as a pantry coffee station microwave area Visit us at for more repurposing fun

Repurposed Piano with many options for functionality

Before anyone goes crazy telling me I am crazy to do this to a piano, the soundboard was warped and the inner pieces were missing a LOT to be playable. As well, the veneer was destroyed from years of setting some sort of water containers on top. For those following my posts - THIS would be the piece that I demonstrated the * how to get veneer off* posting.
Now for the fun - The progress shots! This piece is so stunning in person. Photos do it no justice. We did a photo shoot to show 3 possible ways to use this. And yes I know there is a VCR in it HAHA!!! Shhh.... look away - it's just to give an example as an entertainment unit! (which would look amazing in our house so it's going to be a toughy to sell this beauty!) All of the inner parts will also be repurposed into furnishings or art. Nothing in this project will be sent to the dump! Aside from the stripped veneer scraps! Visit us at for more repurposing fun!

shabby chic kitchen makeover, home decor, home improvement, kitchen backsplash, kitchen design, kitchen island, shabby chic, Another fabulous shot of the finished countertops

Shabby Chic Kitchen Makeover

Barn Board Resin Countertops, stainless tile backsplash paired with a shabberized transformation! A marriage of modern country perfection! There are way too many photos to share as we documented the entire shabby progress but have shared the album on our facebook page. a blog will follow soon for all non facebook users.

nothing like furniture as art, painted furniture, I knowwwwwwww I forgot to push in the drawers The excitement to be done got to me

Nothing Like Furniture as Art!

Oh wowzas. She took soooo long to do! I was given this dresser and thought - I need to do something fun. I saw this old card and of course, the Queen of Hearts is ideal for a nice shape. I blew the card up to see the details better and then got out the paint brushes. A month later, she's done! Well, not quite, I still need to add hardware to open the drawers. And maybe push the drawers in properly for a photo shoot, but man o man I am just so happy she is done! First time around I painted her black, then when she was done I thought no no no she needs to be red. And there you have it. The Queen of Hearts!

re purposed piano, diy, how to, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling, These take a LOT of work Holy Shmoly But in the end a great piece with a lot of versatility I m going to work on a blog about the entire process of creating one of these but for now enjoy a little album full of shots I ll post links to the blog later on our facebook page and eventually get back here and add a link

Re-purposed Piano

These take a LOT of work! Holy Shmoly! But in the end - a great piece with a lot of versatility! I'm going to work on a blog about the entire process of creating one of these - but for now, enjoy a little album full of shots. I'll post links to the blog later on our facebook page, and eventually get back here and add a link.

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