dollar store snowflake decor, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Finished project

Dollar Store Snowflake Decor

With 2 frames and 2 packages of snowflakes and 2 sheets of glitter scrapbooking paper you can make these festive pieces of art.

diy candy jar birdfeeder, crafts, repurposing upcycling, My candy jar bird feeder hanging on my front porch

DIY Candy Jar Birdfeeder

I created a birdfeeder from a candy jar I bought at Goodwill and a glass vase from the dollar store. I painted the candy dish with transparent glass paint. I added marble filler to the inside of the vase. Then glued them all together. Take your wire and beads and make a hanger for it. You can find a detailed tutorial on my blog of this easy, unique birdfeeder.

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Simple Rustic Headboard Bench Tutorial

We have 9 garden beds in our yard. Our goal was to put a structure piece in each garden. I thought it would be fun to try our hand at a headboard bench I had seen on Pinterest. It’s a simple, rustic bench. It literally took 60 min. to cut, build and paint and it was under $10.00, my favorite kind of project.

diy house number sign tutorial, diy, gardening, how to, woodworking projects, Entrance After

DIY House Number Sign Tutorial

As you can see from the before picture we needed a structure in this garden. We decided on this project and it was fairly easy to make and around 75.00. You can see a detailed tutorial on my blog.

upcycled diy pyramid trellis, repurposing upcycling, Pyramid Trellis made from fence posts that my husband planed into the various sizes of wood we needed

Upcycled DIY Pyramid Trellis

My husband made a pyramid trellis from old fence posts! A great recycled project for my garden. To begin we took the fence posts and planed them into the various sizes we needed. After we assembled we took a fence post cap to the top. We then painted it. You can find complete directions on my blog.

diy garden bench, diy, how to, painted furniture, woodworking projects, Bench 1 in my flower garden

DIY Garden Bench

With minimal wood my husband made me a bench to sit in my garden.To make this bench you will need various pieces of wood, liquid nails and a screw gun. After your wood is cut to the specifications you assemble it. I share a complete tutorial on my blog of the sizes of wood you need. After it's assembled you give it a couple coats of paint and set it where ever you can enjoy it. .

upcycled vertical succulent garden, crafts, flowers, gardening, succulents, Vertical Succulent Garden made from an older window frame I added succulents to the window

Upcycled Vertical Succulent Garden

Using an old window frame I made a vertical succulent garden. I stapled hardware cloth to the window frame. Then we added a piece of plywood to the back. Black dirt was added next and various kinds of succulents. It will take about a month to fill in. This will come back every year. You can find a step by step tutorial on my blog. Happy Gardening!

diy plant makers, crafts, gardening, Plant marker made from shims that I painted and decoupaged veggie herb photos on I then sealed them

DIY Plant Markers

I made bright and cheery plant markers using shims. I include veggie and herb printables free for you. I painted the shims and then deoupaged pictures of veggies and herbs. You can find the easy tutorial on my blog..

diy industrial bathroom fixtures, bathroom ideas, home decor, repurposing upcycling, shelving ideas

DIY Industrial Bathroom Fixtures

While redoing my boys bathroom I got the urge do add an industrial touch. I had seen on Pinterest some industrial shelving so decided to search for some bathroom fixtures. Here is my take on them. The first thing I did was research the prices for this industrial piping. The piping was not bad. I was able to buy a 10 foot piece for 10.00 and have it cut and threaded for me at Home Depot. The flanges were about 5.00 a piece so that can add up pretty fast. I needed 6 for my towel bar, my curtain rod and my shelf. The elbows were priced fairly reasonably.
For the towel bar you will need:
1/2" black pipe cut to the size you want it.

diy mailbox planters, gardening, repurposing upcycling

DIY Mailbox Planters

I found some old mailboxes at Goodwill for 1.00. I decided I'd like to paint them in bright colors to attach to my house and use as planters. There was no need to drill holes as there was space for the water to drain out on own. I did add a layer of gravel to the bottom of each to help with drainage. I added some black dirt and then planted them with shade loving plants. For more pictures you can visit my blog.

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