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Tray Chic

I had four of these trays - the cranberry red was not useful - so I kept them tucked away. Recently I gave them each a new look. Using spray paint, wallpaper samples and shelf liner

clutter closet turne office, craft rooms, home office, Just loving my new organizational use of this space

Clutter closet turne Office

This was a project long overdue. I knew the closets would need re-doing when we bought the house, but over the years this one became a dumpster to put things in. Well I needed an office space so I figured why not give this space a "sense of purpose". I'm so embarassed of the before, but the after makes up for it. For more pictures visit my blog.

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Herbal Cart

I got this dreary vintage utility cart at a yard sale for $5.00 and a slew of clay flower pots (45) for $4.00.

rooms renovation brick cottage project

Rooms Renovation - Brick Cottage Project

Finishing up the renovation at my son's fixer-upper

the brick cottage project the bathroom

The Bathroom Makeover - Brick Cottage Project

My son purchased his first home and it's a fixer upper

brick cottage project

Kitchen Makeover - Brick Cottage Project

My son bought his first home and it's a fixer upper

diy cobblestone path

DIY Cobblestone Path

Everyone use a particular path to walk in our yard. After years of trying to get grass to grow, we had no such luck. Since I couldn't get grass to grow along this path area, I decided to create a cobblestone path.

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No Birds Cage

I lucked up and found this vintage bird cage for $13.00. I loved the shape of it and knew exactly what I needed it for.

office flip

Office Flip

Creating a mid-century office space using yard and estate sale finds.

master bedroom tour le boudir vintage style

Master Bedroom Tour - Le Boudir Vintage Style

My master bedroom is styled using thrifted furniture from antique stores, thrift shops and a roadside kill chair. My furniture pieces are a mix of art deco and french from the 1930's, 40's and 50's,

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