logo painting project

Logo Painting Project

Finally! I finally worked on a project for my husband. The garage is his space and we are looking at a complete overhaul of it over the winter. I found this great pub table at an auction for $10.00. It is super, super heavy with a solid metal base.

blue kitchen cabinet project

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Project

Some time ago, I, like many others pinned the Pinterest picture of the blue cabinets with the black glaze. What a beautiful picture it is. Now, I would give credit where credit is due but these pictures have been pinned so many times that I do not know who to give credit to.

the budget backsplash project

The Budget Backsplash Project

In the interest of doing Pinterest on a budget, I searched non tile backsplash. Tile is great but it a little more expensive and a little harder to do yourself. As I move upstairs into my bathroom, I will be doing tile and creating the e course on that, but for the simplicity and budget in a kitchen I chose a different path. After doing some searching on Pinterest, I happened upon shiplap backsplashes.

china cabinet re purpose

China Cabinet Re-purpose

I absolutely love to paint great big old china cabinets. The detail is amazing, so much fun for me to paint and they make amazing transformations! The problem is that no one wants to buy the huge cabinets anymore. They are a dime a dozen on Craigslist and I pass them over unless I can get them really cheap. If I can get them cheap, it still poses a problem because as much as I love them, they just don't sell. What's a girl to do with that dilemma?

the grungy romanic vanity, bathroom ideas

The Grungy Romanic Vanity

I have been dying to paint something with some pink and this was the perfect candidate! I found this great vanity that needed a romantic makeover.

the creation of the striped buffet, cleaning tips, home maintenance repairs, painted furniture, painting, ponds water features

The Creation of the Striped Buffet

I found this beauty on one of my local buy, sell and trade sites on Facebook. It was in desperate need of a makeover to bring it modern.

the metallic queen anne, cleaning tips, flowers, gardening, home maintenance repairs, painted furniture, ponds water features

The Metallic Queen Anne

I found this beautiful vintage 1970’s Bassett desk on Craigslist. Sunflower husband went and picked it up with me and it was a perfect Saturday morning capped off with coffee in my Jayhawk Tervis and a visit to Menard’s.

alice would love this , home decor, painted furniture, painting, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Alice Would Love This!

I picked up this great buffet from a friend who was trying to clean out her garage. It had veneer damage on the top which made it a perfect candidate for painting! Running short on inspiration I searched Pintrest and found some Alice in Wonderland inspiration.

a perfect wardrobe makeover, closet, painted furniture, Perfect

A Perfect Wardrobe Makeover

This wardrobe had been in my shop for over a year. It needed a makeover but I just didn’t know what to do with it. Sometimes, inspiration is hard to come by for me. My husband helped me drag it home to the garage and after a little convincing, indulged my idea to convert it into a free-standing pantry.

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