How do I polish up my glass stove top?

My glass stovetop has lost its shine over the element that is most used. It is not scratched, just cloudy. How can I bring the gloss back?

How can I paint my bathroom tiles?

I have miss matched porcelain tiles in around my bathtub/shower enclosure. Is it possible to paint them and if so, how?

How do I clean my blinds?

I have vinyl, hard plastic and white faux wood blinds. What is the best and easiest way to clean them?

How can I sand down my engineered hardwood floors?

I have several spots on my engineered hardwood floors that are either scratched and or the finish /gloss has come off. How can I repair this?

How do I keep chair dowels in place with glue?

I have a very old oak table and chairs from my grandma. The chair cross pieces (dowels?) are coming loose. What would be the best glue to use to keep them in place?

How do I repair engineered wood flooring?

I have a few spots where the finish has been damaged in a few spots. How do I epair?

How can I remove my garburator from under my sink?

I do not want to get a plumber as everyone said it is easy to do.