staining my front door

Staining My Front Door

After my stucco house and garage door was painted. My front door stood out like a sore thumb. Big bright turquoise blue! I had some of the stain left from staining my garage door so I just brushed it on my front door. It looks rich and beautiful!

painting my fire place and staining the bricks

Painting My Fire Place and Staining the Bricks

After painting the outside of my stucco house, I wanted our fire place to match. I just used the same outside paint on my stucco fire place. I also had some of the stain left over from painting my garage door so I painted it on the bricks around my fire place. They were so dirty and dingy. I have never liked the color of them. The stain went on easy with a rag. I was so amazed the the ending result! I love it!

painted garage door

Painted Garage Door

We recently painted our house and so our garage door needed to be painted as well. I decided not to repaint it because I was hoping the old rust paint would show through as I just stained it. Here's how I did it!

Candy Carroll
Candy Carroll