diy build cornhole boards my first experience with unicorn spit

DIY Build Cornhole Boards – My First Experience With Unicorn Spit!

How I built cornhole boards and stained them with unicorn spit. I’ve been meaning to build some yard games for family gatherings, parties and birthdays held at my place. My best friend’s husband was turning 40 in November and we threw him a surprise birthday party in October. Why a month before his birthday? Because this is Minnesota and we didn’t want to be outside standing in a foot of snow and freezing to death lol And I don’t have a house big enough to really accommodate 100 people!

solar light basket using insulators for hanging or table setting

Solar Light Basket Using Insulators for Hanging or Table Setting!

An easy solar light basket! I purchased several of these baskets last year for Xmas and made gift baskets for my guy relatives. I filled them with homemade chapstick, hand scrub, cuticle cream and coffee. They were a hit! I had one basket leftover which I started using as a caddy for dinner parties outside. I would put in utensils, ketchup, mustard, extra napkins etc. and that got me wondering if I couldn’t improve on the idea.

how i added a country fresh produce stencil to my old bench

How I Added a Country Fresh Produce Stencil to My Old Bench

Just a couple of weeks ago I fixed this old bench using wood putty and Dark Walnut stain. Of the three benches my grandparents made that I have this one had taken the biggest beating. But, with just a little elbow grease I had her looking almost like new again. After that I made a no-sew cushion for it complete with tufting and buttons! Check out the post all about it here.Stencil Revolution makes really neat and high quality stencils and they were kind enough to offer me two! My first post using one of their stencils was my Mother’s Day sign using their Greatest Mom in all the Land stencil. The other one I chose was this Country Fresh Produce stencil.

refinishing a bench and how to make a no sew tufted cushion

Refinishing a Bench and How to Make a No-sew Tufted Cushion

My grandparents’ built this bench YEARS ago along with two others that I have. ( Check out the cedar-lined beauty I keep at the end of my bed.) This one has taken the biggest beating over the years and has needed to be fixed and refinished for awhile now. Every month the group I’m a part of (the Farmhouse Hens Decorate) has a theme. This month’s theme turned out to be for benches so I knew exactly the piece I would be using!Those bite marks are actually from my dog Diesel lolFunny, he was a 120 pound mastiff and could have easily opened the lid with his nose anytime he wanted. (I kept his food and treats in there.) If he had just helped himself to a treat I never would have known but no he just chewed on it lol

master bathroom refresh bohemiam meets farmhouse

Master Bathroom Refresh – Bohemiam Meets Farmhouse

Master bathroom refresh for a newly single gal, how I’m making myself my own luxury retreat on the second floor of my home. If you’ve ever checked out any of my Inspiration Boards then you know I am in love with the natural look and textures of bohemian interior design. With both my master bedroom, and now my bathroom, my challenge was: how could I give myself the bohemian look while still staying true to my 100 year old farmhouse?

when someone we love is in heaven sign

When Someone We Love is in Heaven Sign

How to build a sign, distressed in gray and yellow paint, to remember someone we’ve lost. Building a sign is such an easy and simple project. For anyone just starting out in wood working this would be a perfect project to start with. It required just a few cuts, six screws, wood putty, paint and a wall decal to create something beautiful that holds a ton meaning!

broken clock goes country with twine and rope

Broken Clock Goes Country With Twine and Rope

I absolutely loved this clock when I spotted it on Amazon. It hung on my wall for years until, one day, it just took a dive for the floor. So my beloved clock was now a broken clock. I’ve kept it for months now planning on doing something with it but hadn’t quite figured out one the creative angle how to make it great again. I wanted to frame it out with wood but, honestly, I can build a bench no problem because its square lol not ROUND.

how to make a two tiered stand out of thrift store items

How to Make a Two Tiered Stand Out of Thrift Store Items

Ever since I began work on the refresh of the master floor of my house I’ve been considering something different for on my master bathroom sink. My little tooth brush holder had seen better days and then I saw this lovely project by Chas (one of my To Grandma’s house we go link party gals) and thought: I can make a two tiered stand for my master bathroom!

a new look for my master bedroom

A New Look for My Master Bedroom!

I drooled over a rug on Amazon for MONTHS before I finally decided to spoil myself by buying it! With a new rug, two “new” lamps and a new comforter it was WAY beyond time to share with you my newest decor refresh of my master bedroom!

post solar lights using glass chandelier bowls and dollar store lights

Post Solar Lights Using Glass Chandelier Bowls and Dollar Store Lights

How I made post solar lights on either side of my back gate on my deck by upcycling chandelier glass bowls. Awhile back I posted on how I made hanging solar lights out of four glass chandelier bowls and some dollar store items. I only had room for four hanging solar lights but I had six of these glass bowl shades so immediately I got to work figuring out how I could put them at the top of my posts!

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