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Project Bunny Centerpiece

Create a custom Ombre Bunny Centerpieces for our home using minimal materials.
Materials: Metal buckets (any size it does not really matter) , Burlap (enough to make a decent sized square on your bucket), paint (in a few colors), painters tape (any brand will work) , bunny stencil (make your own or buy one) , brads (any color they can be painted)
Tape off a square and paint a solid color. Remove the painters tape once dry.

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Project Holiday Lamp

Having a clear fillable lamp gives you the option to easily change out your decor based on the season or holiday. For this challenge I went with the Winter Wonderland theme.

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Project Home Tour

Have you ever diven down the street and wondered what someone's home looked like on the inside? Well I have and am happy to be sharing with you our Home Tour of theDIYvillage. Don't forget to head over to http://www.thediyvillage.com/home-tour for more detailed photos and information on each room!

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Project Custom Pantry

After two years of struggling with storage space in our existing pantry, we moved the pantry renovation to the top of our "Never ending honey-do-list". We started out with a common looking pantry with utility wire shelving hidden behind a set of bi-fold doors. But after a little "sweat equity" we transformed the pantry into a custom built-in with adjustable wooden shelves, drawer sliders, and the best part of all, all of the storage that we could ask for! (We're also working on a series of tutorials where we share the plans of how we built the cabinet. Here's the first set of plans: http://www.thediyvillage.com/2013/05/build-a-pantry.html

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Project Shade

The Lamp shade project was super fun and easy to complete. It didn't take long just a little creativity and patience. The best part is that even Matt loved it when it was done.

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Project Tulip Wreath

Inspired by a picture a friend posted on FaceBook, I was able to use $ 15.00 in flowers from the dollar tree, ribbon, and a wreath from to create a stunning Tulip Wreath. Easy to find items from the dollar tree because the dollar tree is awesome. For after photos and complete tutorial make sure and click through to the link at the bottom or just Google search The DIY Village Tulip Wreath Tutorial you will love all of the great ideas our site is full of that we are just dying to share with you all! So if you love tulips and love spring this is the tutorial for you! You can't go wrong! 26k other people loved it too! http://www.thediyvillage.com/2013/03/tulip-door-wreath.html

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Project Kreg Jig Jr.

If you've never used any of the products from the Kreg Tool Company, stop what your doing and head straight to the closest home improvement store! As we've been renovating our pantry and building custom cabinets the Kreg Jig Jr has been invaluable! The Kreg jig system is designed to easily make super strong joints using pocket hole screws on just about any woodworking project. We'll take a look at how to use the tool and also offer introduce some other available accessories that Kreg makes that we find pretty useful!
Using the Kreg Jig Jr for making pocket holes
The Kreg Jig Jr

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Project Rolling Storage

AEvery year our neighborhood has an annual yard sale. Being the typical hoarders DIYers that Matt and I are, instead of participating by selling we participate by buying!
I'm not sure if you remember me talking about neighbor Dave back around Halloween, but he loves wine. So much that he has lot's of wine crates! And as luck would have it this particular yard sale day Dave was selling 4 old wine crates for 10 bucks.
Needless to say I snatched them up.

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Project Pantry

If you follow theDIYvillage on Instagram or Facebook you have probably seen us working on our pantry! Our pantry had two normal bi-fold doors that left about 2' of space above the doors unusable! I dont know about you but wasted pantry space is a no no! So we did what any normal couple would do and gutted it! Currently my kitchen table is serving as our pantry with hopes that we someday finish this project ...

Jacque & Matt @ theDIYvillage.com
Jacque & Matt @ theDIYvillage.com
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