how to make a chopstick pendant lamp shade

How to Make a Chopstick Pendant Lamp Shade

I have no overhead lights in our living and dining area one of the downfalls of a 100 year old house. I have made several hanging lights for other parts of the house and this is one of them!

pouring acrylic paint part 2 texture

Pouring Acrylic Paint Part 2- Texture

Hi there Hometalkers! I love to make art and using texture while pouring paint will make beautiful designs, it is also very easy to do! I made two different types of textured art (there are many types) so you could see how easy it is along with the results.

a simple autumn wreath of pine cones

A Simple Autumn Wreath of Pine Cones!

I have made several new fall decorations this year! This is my new wreath for the front door! This is what I made!

a simple pumpkin slice of wood

A Simple Pumpkin Slice of Wood!

This is so easy to do if you have the right slice of log!

how to make a wooden autumn leaves wind chime

How to Make a Wooden Autumn Leaves Wind Chime!

Hey there Hometalkers it's almost Autumn!! I have been making things with leaves, pumpkins and all those beautiful fall colors! So many holidays this time of the year and I love to add crafts/diy's to the decorations every year! This is one of my recent projects!

how to make budget acrylic paint pour art part1

How to Make Budget Acrylic Paint Pour Art! Part1

I have done several paint pours before and I just love the abstract results but it can be a bit pricey! I'll try to break down some of the types and some of the reasons for using them along with the results you get on canvas and yes paper too! There are several types of pouring mediums like a high end product would be Golden or Liquitex, in the middle would be floetrol (Flood from Walmart) and the budget way is Elmer's glue! Elmer's is good for beginners to practice pouring without it costing so much.

hacking an anthropology lamp shade

Hacking an Anthropology Lamp Shade

I love the unusual, different and funky stuff! I saw this lamp shade and thought, "Oh I can make that no problem!" but my way!

hacking an anthropology trinket dish

Hacking an Anthropology Trinket Dish

Coastal, beachy decor is something I just love so when I saw the oyster trinket dish on the Anthropology site I knew what I was going to hack next!

how to make a bistro table with wood and spools

How to Make a Bistro Table With Wood and Spools!

I have a lot of spools and a lot of wood, I'm making some Bistro tables!

new pumpkin style for the season

New Pumpkin Style for the Season!

Who says being square is not cool! This are so cool and YES they are square!! The new shape of pumpkins this season and with this updated version I predict this will be a new trend at least for me!!

About meI love to create, build and paint most anything! Painting a faux stained glass picture to making a coffee table from pallet wood. I truly believe whatever I make anyone can make all you need is a little guidance, some knowledge, along with a few tips and you to could have a new wine rack, outside bar, new wall decor or whatever you want! I can help with more than the projects I've shown here. Do you have a bunch of old stuff you just don't want anymore or maybe some broken furniture? I could help you make something out of the mess, something useful, needed or just plain decorative. I will help you problem solve those kitchen cabinets, the unsightly shoe problem by the front door, the cluttered counters in the kitchen or bathroom and the kid's room full of toy mess that seems to spread all over the house! All of that is like a puzzle to me and I love puzzles! I will help you put together and fix those problems all you have to do is ask!