saving an old nightstand

Saving an Old Nightstand!

A client brought me this sad little nightstand, and asked me to work some magic! Requirements include black and white paint and some material decoupage accents.

terracotta coaster

Terracotta Coaster

I have a love hate relationship with coasters! They are necessary to preserve the beauty of our furniture, but *sigh* why are they so lacking in design and proper functionality? I decided it was time for me to figure out a better coaster design for my house. I thought about all the issues of coasters I have previously used...cardboard and cork seems to just get soppy wet (and let's face it, leave an even bigger ring), flat tile ones (so pretty, but the condensation just puddles and runs off)...what to do what to do?! Hmmm...a saucer?! Terracotta flower pots have those nice saucers....not very pretty though. Wait! I can fix that.

rub n buff that old hardware

Rub N Buff That Old Hardware!

If you work on furniture, you know how expensive new hardware can be! Sometimes you can clean up hardware and use it. Sometimes it is just not the right finish anymore. Rub n buff is a great option! This is just a quick tutorial of updating the finish on some hardware...going on a piece that I will post soon.

lingerie cabinet makeover

Lingerie Cabinet Makeover

I found this poor piece for sale, and decided to rescue it! Sometimes when I see a piece, it just speaks to me. This piece said “hey, I can be adorable.”

refinished vintage chest of drawers

Refinished, Vintage Chest of Drawers

This has been setting in the the garage for quite some time. Not gonna lie, I was in no hurry to strip the five layers of paint on it. However, sometimes you just have to suck it up, and get it done.

who doesn t love an easy finish

Who Doesn’t Love an Easy Finish?!

Believe it or not, hubby picked this up at Michaels one day, after I dragged him in there. It has been setting for several months, all plain and boring. He had mentioned I could use my “pickle” dyes, then I got this cool dye and inspiration struck!!

facelift for vintage end tables

Facelift for Vintage End Tables.

I have had these vintage tables hanging out in the garage for over a year. I FINALLY decided to give them a facelift, and find them a new home.

from a dated 90 s finish to a stunning modern finish

From a Dated 90's Finish to a Stunning Modern Finish!

The lady I purchased this set from said it had been her husband's set since he was 12. It definitely had a 90's vibe to it. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and try a modern monochrome finish on this set. Do you think I accomplished it? I love the finished pieces, and the young lady that purchased them does as well.

oh golden oak you hurt my eyes

Oh Golden Oak, You Hurt My Eyes.

Actually this is just one piece of an entire bedroom suite I am working on! Stored out in a shed, the funky, orangish oak finish...yuck! I told hubby that I wanted the whole set. He laughed, and helped load it up.

forget ugly pine hello farmhouse style

Forget Ugly Pine, Hello Farmhouse Style.

Even after hubby (my enabler) said no more project pieces, he sent me the link to a coffee and end tables for sale. By the time he got home from work, I had already picked them up and sanded the tops down. 😊

Lynnette Soltwedel
Lynnette Soltwedel
About meI discovered the joys of working on furniture a couple of years ago. Since then it has turned into a true passion. The majority of my projects are sold. If interested in a piece, please contact me.