homemade fall center peice

Homemade Fall Center Peice

I got my inspiration from nearly passing out at my local home decor store. You heard that right! The floral arrangements and centerpieces are just so beautiful, but the price tags will literally take your breath away. I know there are some who will pay that price, but not this girl. Frugal is my middle name.

remove grease from kitchen cabinets

Remove Grease From Kitchen Cabinets

I want to shout from the hilltops of my kitchen and say “Ladies & Gentlemen, I have done it!!! I have learned how to clean kitchen cabinets and have even degreased my kitchen cabinets in the fastest way possible!” Now I know you are thinking I am crazy, but cleanliness is one of my pet peeves. I love to sit back and feel comfortable in my home knowing that I have a clean house.

how to make a pom pom rug

How To Make A Pom Pom Rug

This DIY pom pom rug is a fun gift that the kids can make for a friend or for their rooms. And let’s just admit that a handmade pom pom rug is just as much a gift for your feet and eyes as it is for your floors. Your kids will have so much fun helping you make this rug.But you will have to help those little fingers when it comes to the hot glue.

no sew outdoor pom pom pillows

No Sew Outdoor Pom Pom Pillows

On a budget, but would love your porch or outdoor deck to pop with color this summer? You’ve come to the right place! I have always had a weakness for brightly colored outdoor items. Bright colors just shout the words, “Summertime is here”. Who is ready for summer? I sure amHere is a 6 step project to make yourself some beautiful DIY No Sew Outdoor Tassel Pillows for little money.

painted rock outdoor tic tac toe set

Painted Rock Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Set

Here is a project where kids can wear their creative hats and paint their own Painted Rock Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Set. This activity is perfect birthday party game. And let’s not forget that it really isn’t just for parties, you can make it for your next together or just some backyard fun.This is a project I’ve had in mind since late December. I am so glad the weather is warming up and that I could get it going. My kids actually had a great time going on nature rock hunts to find their perfect round rocks. It kept them busy and we were enjoying our time together.

homemade shower jelly

Homemade Shower Jelly

It is almost impossible to walk by your favorite cosmetic or bath & body store and not be drawn into purchasing Shower Jellies. The are pretty in color, smell wonderful and you can almost imagine yourself having a mini spa day at home. I just can’t see myself paying expensive prices when I can make it at home for very little. I came up with this Easy Shower Jelly DIY Recipe

growing homemade borax crystal hearts

Growing Homemade Borax Crystal Hearts

Gather your kids around the table for this fun exploration into science at home. You can sit down and teach your littles about How to Grow Borax Crystal Valentine’s Day Hearts. No need to run out and buy mommy that special Valentine’s Day gift when they can make it at home with you.

homemade refrigerator magnet craft, appliances, crafts

Homemade Refrigerator Magnet Craft

We all get them!!! And right now, it is that time a year for advertising magnets. Before you toss them I have a great idea to upcycle them for a more kids friendly project. Lets get ready to make some Homemade Refrigerator Magnet Crafts for Kids.

thanksgiving turkey juice box covers

Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Covers

I love the Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful time to reflect on our gratitude and appreciation for our family, friends, and the life we live. Lets all enjoy this time together with our children by making this Turkey Juice Box cover craft for them or allowing them to help out with their added creativity.

turning chop sticks into magical wands, gardening

Turning Chop Sticks Into Magical Wands

All month long my kids have been on a magical journey. It all began by allowing them to watch their very first Harry Potter Movie, the Sorcerer's Stone. And coarse I have to make them a Realistic Homemade Wizard wands of their own. So I got crafty and decided that paying for wands at the craft store was too much for my wallet and made these for just pennies.

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Jennifer Schreiner
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