Removing scuff marks off of vintage linoleum

Does anyone have experience removing scuff marks from vintage linoleum or vinyl tile? This tile was laid in the late 60's, so I am unsure about the material. The scuff marks were caused by bicycle tires and I have tried several products and methods to remove them with no success. Overall, this tile has a wonderful retro look and I am very disappointed that I can't clean it. The scuffs are right at the entrance to the space, so I can't really disguise them.
q removing scuff marks off of vintage linoleum

What is the easiest way to cut vinyl tile to fit around objects?

I am replacing the 12 x 12 tile in a basement bath. Have really struggled with cutting the tile to fit around door molding, but succeeded...finally. Base board fits were easy. But now I am faced with placing the vinyl tile around the toilet. I know the best method is to take up the toilet, place the tile, and replace the toilet, but I do not have the time, strength or expertise. Does anyone have a method for creating a template? I think that is what I am going to have to do. Thanks!

Mary Anne
Mary Anne