How do I mount a few shelves on a bathroom mirror?

There's absolutely no place else in our tiny bathroom to add some storage. The space I want to use is about 3' wide and 2 1/2' feet tall. I'm wanting to get items... See more

How to make a sharp-cornered (brick) hearth safe for?

How does one make a brick hearth safe for little ones? seems like yrs. ago I saw a cousin fold a thick quilt and lay it on the hearth. Any other ideas?

How do I get info. directly from "Decorate & Celebrate"?

Does "Decorate & Celebrate" have its own website? If so, what is it? Thanks in advance.

How to hide surge protector and cords on floor?

These are an eye-sore. Husband prefers something that's easy-on, easy-off 'cause often he needs to check on cords or whatever. All of these cords & the surge... See more

I'd like to repurpose a completely wooden tie rack for my husband

Sorry, but I don't do pics. This rack is 5" by 18". It has a cylinder maybe an inch thick. Cylinder on which one who still wears ties would hang these accessories.... See more

How do I delete Hometalk from showing up on my Facebook account?

I only want to receive "Hometalk" in my hotmail account.

How to "finish" edging around a bathroom with Congoleum tiles on floor

Our half bathroom needs decent edging against ceramic tiles on the walls and Congoleum-type floor tiles. I'm referring to some type of L-shaped "finish" - maybe 1 to... See more