easy fall window boxes, gardening, For the First Day of Fall switched out the IKEA window boxes hanging on the gazebo with tiny mums flowering kale and kept the scaevola Quick and easy change season http pinterest com barbrosen our fairfield garden

Easy Fall Window Boxes

For the First Day of Fall - switched out the IKEA window boxes hanging on the gazebo with tiny yellow mums, flowering kale and kept the blue scaevola. Quick and easy change of season!http://pinterest.com/barbrosen/our-fairfield-garden/

plant a succulent garden in a strawberry pot, container gardening, flowers, gardening, succulents, A fifty cent yard sale find transformed into a succulent garden See the directions and more pictures on my blog at

Plant a Succulent Garden in a Strawberry Pot

A fifty-cent yard sale find transformed into a succulent garden. See the directions and more pictures on my blog at http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com

salvaged the 32 shutter challenge repurposing shutters in the garden, gardening, outdoor living, raised garden beds, repurposing upcycling, Shutter Fence

Salvaged! The 32 Shutter Challenge-Repurposing Shutters in the Garden

I had pretty much given up hope on pulling ivy in part of our back garden and resigned myself to just making it look halfway decent with garden accents.
Then, last year a neighbor gave me ten shutters and I made two raised garden beds from them. It really worked, a way to garden even in a fifty-year-old ivy bed! I was hooked!

make a fresh rosemary wreath, crafts, home decor, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths

Make a Fresh Rosemary Wreath!

Just hauled the Rosemary in from the garden (tender perennial here in Delaware), gave it a haircut and made a wreath for the kitchen. Smells heavenly!

gardening arbor gates entrance lush, curb appeal, fences, flowers, gardening, landscape, repurposing upcycling

Garden Arbors & Gates ~ Make An Entrance!

Garden arbors and gates are a sure-fire way to give your garden a sense of space and enclosure. The going in and out creates a room-like feel for gardens large and small.
You can achieve that “Secret Garden” ambiance by establishing gateways into your garden. Store-bought or handmade, framing pathways adds another dimension to your landscape. Let me show you arbors and garden gates I have installed in two of our gardens.

easy diy project bowling ball garden accent, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling, Bowling Ball Garden Accent

Easy DIY Project ~ Bowling Ball Garden Accent

When cleaning out his mother’s house, a good friend came across four bowling balls from when the family bowled on leagues. Happy memories, one ball even had his father's name engraved on the bottom. Because he had seen bowling balls I covered in the past with pennies, stones and shells, he knew this collection would be transformed and have a new life in our garden. I was thrilled when he gave them to me!
But it didn’t seem right to keep all those memories. I decided to decorate his dad's league bowling ball and return it as a gift for their garden. Carefully placed, the glass beads cover the entire bowling ball except for his name and the finger hold holes.
You may have seen directions previous to mine on repurposing a bowling ball into a garden accent. This is my twist on a popular project; I don’t use grout and I make a stand for the bowling ball to lift it off the ground.

burlap a thrifty container liner, container gardening, crafts, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling, Burlap liners instead of coco liners

Burlap ~ A Thrifty Container Liner

Container planting baskets and hayracks are such lovely garden accents, but have you seen how much the replacement liners cost? Ours had lasted about five years but were finally too tattered to look good or hold the soil in the container any more. Coco-fiber replacement liners were twenty dollars or more apiece! So I turned to burlap to get that same great natural look for a fraction of the price!

build your own fire pit, outdoor living, patio

Build your own Fire Pit ~ Our Fairfield Home & Garden

Build your own stacked stone fire pit with rustic benches and tables made from logs. This project was completed over two days and transformed a weedy slate patio into a family gathering place! We wanted a "camp in the woods" look and achieved it with 2 pallets of stone, a few leftover boards, tree stumps from a landscaper's job (free) and lots of muscle! see more details at : http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com/the-firepit-project/

galvanized tub water garden, gardening, Galvanized tub water garden see more of my projects and ideas at or

Galvanized tub water garden

I used a galvanized wash tub to make a water garden! Just set the potted water plants in the water, anchor them with stones, and fill in with floating water plants. Remember to put in a mosquito dunk every month or so during warm weather! See more at http://ourfairfieldhomeandgarden.com or http://pinterest.com/barbrosen/

chalk paint magic there s money in the basement, Garden Trug

Chalk Paint Magic ~ There's Money in the Basement!

True confession time!! I frequent local garage and estate sales and buy “projects” that I never seem to get around to. Do you, too?

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