vintage bar stool gets makeover

Vintage Bar Stool Gets Makeover

We've had this bar stool for so long. We found it at a yard sale for $2. The guy we bought it from had no idea why we'd even want it. I guess some people don't see the potential for a makeover? I love taking old beat up things and making them pretty again, its fun to me! Of course some may say that by the looks of its makeover, I beat it up again, but now its fitting into my farmhouse decor a little better than in its former state.

diy vinyl happy thanksgiving platter

DIY Vinyl Happy Thanksgiving Platter

I've got another simple craft for you! There is a bit of a catch though, you'll need a cutting machine to make this craft, but no worries if you don't have one because you can find MANY Etsy shops that cut vinyl for you. (Visit our blog for the link tot he Etsy shops)I've previously made one of these Happy Thanksgiving Platters in the past, you can click right here to see that one!

rolled book page wreath

Rolled Book Page Wreath

Wreaths are so fun to make and I've made many! This one is easy but a little time consuming so grab a yummy drink, turn on Netflix and let's get to rolling!

5 bathroom vanity light makeover

$5 Bathroom Vanity Light Makeover

On a budget? We are too! Sometimes you want a new look but its not in the budget to buy all new items. How about a little makeover on something you already have? Yes please! This lighting makeover was easy and just what our master bathroom needed!Disclaimer: All of my pictures didn't turn out properly. Grrrrr! I apologize for that, but I think I'll be able to explain so that you can try this makeover too!

painted lamp makeover thrifted, home decor, lighting, painting

Thrifty Lamp Makeover

I found lamps for $2.50 each and made them look like a million, well, I think so!

our 2018 halloween decor

Our 2018 Halloween Decor

Disclaimer: If you don't like Halloween, click out now. This post IS NOT for YOU!Hi there!I decorate for almost every holiday and occasion. Right after Christmas, Halloween is my favorite occasion to decorate for.You will see lots of handmade and vintage items in my decor. I have tutorials on my blog for all the handmade items but I can't leave all the links to each here. If you scroll down to the end of this post you will see a blue "GO" button. Click that button to be taken to my blog where all the links will be listed for you! Now, on to the tour.

fence picket a c unit cover, curb appeal, diy, fences, how to, repurposing upcycling, And the after look using free fence pickets

Fence Picket A/C Unit Cover

EDITED TO ADD: Thank you all for your concern of our unit not being able to breath. We have had our a/c man over to check it out and he says it has plenty of room to breath and he approves of the cover. :)
Do you have an ugly air conditioning unit sitting in your yard? Yes? We did too, but now we have an awesome cover up for it! We used some old wooden fence pickets to create a more eye pleasing surround for our ugly old unit. Please come on over to our blog and see how we put it together for very little money!

fence picket pumpkin

Fence Picket Pumpkin

I'm still using up the free fence pickets I told you about right HERE. What I've got to show you today is another one of those really fun and easy projects that I love to do. Guess what? The best part is, it was FREE for me to make because I just used scraps of wood we had on hand! I actually made this little cutie all by myself with no help from my honey, its that easy! :)I used some left over pieces of fence pickets but you could also use pallet boards as well. My pumpkin only has two panels, but I think it would look cute with more, and smaller panels too.

raised bed gardens part 1, diy, gardening, how to, raised garden beds, woodworking projects, Each bed was constructed with 2x8 treated lumber Here they are ready to be set in the ground

Raised Bed Gardens (Part 1) Building the Bed Frames

Join us on our blog for step by step directions on how to build your raised bed gardens. In part 1 we discuss what kind of lumber we used, how much and how to put them together.

floral witch hat wreath

Floral Witch Hat Wreath

I have another inexpensive, easy and especially fun Dollar Tree wreath for you! Did you see my last Dollar Tree wreath? Click right here. This wreath below is for Halloween, which I love decorating for. I like to keep it cute, a little spooky, but definitely no blood and gore...that stuff is not my idea of fun! :)

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