howdy y all texas wreath tutorial

Howdy Y'all Texas Wreath Tutorial

Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to stencil with fonts created right from your printer to design custom signs. Add that onto a grapevine wreath in this video to beautify your door!

diy glitter wall art


Art is such a great way to give each room in your home that special pop. The only downfall is that it can be so expensive. Fortunately, with some creativity, it is very easy to create custom pieces to adorn your walls. At a loss for how to start? Check out this DIY Glitter Wall Art that I was able to complete in a few hours! It makes my entire room sparkle!

how to diy christmas yard cutouts

How to DIY Christmas Yard Cutouts

Christmas is such a fun time to create a festive atmosphere around your home! My goodness though it can be expensive to be so jolly! However, if you put in a little imagination and some time you can save money by making your own decorations! Allow me to show you how to DIY Christmas yard cutouts!

create your own halloween art work

Create Your Own Halloween Art Work

Decorating for the holidays is so fun, yet so expensive! Why not create your own for Halloween!

day of the dead wreath diy from dollar tree finds

Day of the Dead Wreath DIY From Dollar Tree Finds

If you haven’t been to your local Dollar Tree lately you may be surprised at how good the craft section has become! Let me also say I am in no way affiliated with the Dollar Tree but am all about creating great style for an even better price! When I walked in the other day and spotted this sugar skull I knew it would be a great DIY and the total price comes in under $15! Please read on for Day of the Dead mesh wreath DIY from Dollar Tree finds!

tips for making unique ribbon wreaths

Tips for Making Unique Ribbon Wreaths

Those of you that have checked out Channelling Dolly in the past know that I love to craft. Making wreaths is a favorite pastime and tips to create them from scratch can be found here. Once you get the basics down it is time to have fun and get creative with your project. For the extra pizzazz to make your wreaths pop here are some tips for making unique ribbon wreaths. Channel Your Inner Artist Not everything has to be purchased already made. Try your hand at drawing or even stencilling to create your desired look. For example, the Jack Skellington faces above could have been purchased but it was much more affordable to paint them onto a wooden circle cutout.

4th of july party planning

4th of July Party Planning

I adore the 4th of July and with a little creativity, a 4th of July party comes together on a budget! See my favorite tips for 4th of July party planning!

transform pine cones into pineapples for tropical parties

Transform Pine Cones Into Pineapples for Tropical Parties

Throwing theme parties is so fun and what better idea for the summer than a tropical party?! However purchasing party decorations can be so expensive just to use one time. Not to worry when you can make your own! Read on to see how to transform pine cones into pineapples for tropical parties. These can be used for place card holders or for tabletop decor.

spring whimsy create your own bunny artwork

Spring Whimsy...Create Your Own Bunny Artwork

Love to decorate for every holiday, but hate the expense? With a little money and a few hours of work you can create your own artwork!

easter mesh wreath diy from dollar tree finds, crafts, wreaths

Easter Mesh Wreath DIY...$12 From Dollar Tree Finds

Decorating for the holidays really sets the mood for your home. It is so much fun to create memories by changing up things based on which special day is coming up next. However, all of those decorations can get very pricey, but it doesn't have to! You can have holiday decor on a budget. Keep reading and I will show you how to make this Easter mesh wreath DIY from Dollar Tree finds. Grand total $12 plus tax! While we are still a bit away from Easter all of these items can be found in store now! As they say, the early bird gets the worm!

Heather Staggs Garcia
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