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The Trick to Cleaning Stubborn Grease Off Kitchen Appliances

I didn't realize how nasty the area above my stove was including the microwave and cabinets. They were so full of grease and grime it was disgusting. I spent a whole afternoon trying to clean it with hot soapy water. It worked, but not well. Plus, I had to put a whole bunch of elbow grease into it. A few friends and I started talking and the idea of using baby oil to clean off grease came up. Genius! And guess what? It really did work! Check out the results:

cleaning hard water stains with vinegar, cleaning tips, silverware with and without cleaning with vinegar

Cleaning hard water stains with vinegar

Vinegar can clean years of encrusted hard water stains in a matter of seconds! Who knew???

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How To Clean Years of Grease Off Appliances

I have a huge grease problem in my kitchen, plus I have black appliances so it shows EVERYTHING. It's just horrible and disgusting. We clean the appliances with the grease cutting dish soap which only does so much. So after years and years of the grease gunk piling on, I decided to try something new: baking soda.

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DIY Laundry Room Organization

My laundry room needed some desperate help in the organization department. We have a very small laundry room that is a pass through from the garage to the main house, and as a pass through it gets cluttered like crazy. Especially the floor. It's become impossible to even open the doors half the time. So, I needed some way to get the clothes and shoes off the floor. I decided to hang some laundry bags up on the wall and it solved the problem for good! No more excuses :)

ikea rast dresser hack turned into faux apothecary cabinet nightstand, bedroom ideas, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

Ikea Rast Dresser Hack -Turned Into Faux Apothecary Cabinet Nightstand

I started realizing how I desperately needed extra storage in my bedroom. My nightstands were just two-drawer small little things that didn't hold much. I went to Ikea and found the Rast 3 drawer chest that would be the perfect size to replace my current nightstands while offering a little more storage space. The best part? Being able to finish it however I wished!

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How to Fake a Clean House

My husband is notorious for springing visitors on me last minute, especially when my house is in complete chaos. So, because of this, I have gotten quite the system down to make my house look clean when it's really not...aka faking a clean house. I have over 25 tips, here are a few in the pictures but you can find the rest of my blog:

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Living Room Redecorating

I loved my living room but I realized all the hazards in there for a baby learning how to walk...tree stumps, glass...not a good combination of things :) So, out went the old and in came the new! I love how my living room turned out and how inviting it is now!

mason jar apothecary jars, chalkboard paint, crafts, mason jars, repurposing upcycling, Mason Jar Apothecary Jars Perfect for bathroom storage

Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

I'm super excited to be hosting the Pinterest Party with The Hometalk Team and @Michaelsstores this weekend! Here are one of the crafts that will be on display.
I took a simple mason jar and decided to turn it into a cute little apothecary jar with the use of a candlestick and some hot glue. This is perfect for bathroom necessities or for treats!

cute storage boxes from old sweaters and boxes, diy, home decor, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Cute Storage Boxes From Old Sweaters and Boxes

I have a plethora of old boxes and sweaters lying around and am in desperate need of storage pieces. So, instead of going out and buying some totes/boxes for storage, I decided to upcycle what I had!

pvc pipe mirror, foyer, home decor, repurposing upcycling

PVC Pipe Mirror

We had a ton of PVC pipe leftover from doing our yard, so I put it to good use and turned it into a great statement piece for our entry way. Just cutting and gluing is all it takes! Click here for the tutorial:

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