christmas and fall glass blocks

Christmas and Fall Glass Blocks

I had seen decorated glass blocks a while back on Pinterest and wanted to make a few for myself and for gifts. I wanted to be able to have lights inside the blocks and a while back I found some on Ebay that are specifically for crafts with an opening and cover. I was able to order a box of 5 at an acceptable price (each block came out to around $8). Yesterday I had time on my hands and decided to decorate them. I had found and picked up inexpensive battery powered mini lights at my Dollar store. I bought both clear and colored.

pumpkins upcycled

Recycled Pumpkins Topiary

My old foam pumpkins were starting to show their age after years of being put outside during the fall. I decided to upcycle them. I started by painting them as they were pretty beat up. Out came my stash of craft paints and i painted the first one white and then put some green paint on and wired with a wet paper towel.

dreaming of christmas, My pin Christmas Tree

Dreaming of Christmas

I used to wear a lot of pins and alsohad some from my Mom and MIL and always knew i wanted to do something with them. Earlier this week i came across a remnant pieceof fabric from a New Year’s Eve dress I wore when I was 21. My mother made the dress for me and she passed away a few months ago at 101! It was time to create my vision of something that would preserve this.

welcome sign with old door

Welcome Sign With Old Door

Last year we installed a new hurricane-rated impact front door. Our old door was solid mahogany and I hated to part with it. We offered it to a couple of people but no one wanted it. I thought of making a table but the door had a glass and brass insert at the top which would not have worked. I convinced my husband to cut the door a few inches below the glass and save it for me. I finally got around to doing something with it.

pretty card redo

Pretty Card Redo

When a friend of mine sent me this card a fewmonths ago, i knew I wanted to do something with it. It was just too pretty to languish in a drawer.

removing printed brand name from a bottle

Removing Printed Brand Name From a Bottle

i love bottles and use them in a variety of ways. Recently my husband was given some expensive scotch in a special edition Miami bottle. I really wanted to keep that bottle but didnt care to have the branding on it. I posted a question here on Hometalk and got a couple of answers of You Tube videos showing different approaches. I decided to try my way!

teacups and succulents

Teacups and Succulents

Once upon a time I collected bone china teacups. I reently thinned out the collection and kept a box of them knowing I would use them for something soon. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I decided to use them to plant pretty little succulents to give to some friends. The first thing I did was to hot glue the cups to the saucer, I forgot to take a picture of this step. Update - I think using a strong glue like E6000 might keep it together longer.

easy does it throw pillows, On the bed

Easy Does It Throw Pillows

I stopped at a local Goodwill store and they had upholstery fabric samples for 75 cents. I picked up four. Two were for the front and two for theback.It turns out that when you remove them from the little hangers, they are the perfect sizefor a 12” x 12” pillow.

from lids to this

From Lids to This!

I love candles from a well known retailer (initials B&B) and am always left with the jars and lids after the candles are gone. I have created storage jars by putting a knob on the lid and using them fir cotton balls, QTips, etc. Now I had 3 lids ad decided to make an ornament after buying a couple of cute snowmen at my dollar store.

recycled christmas card and more

Recycled Christmas Card and More

So I have had the same Christmas wreath for years and it was beautiful but oh so heavy! Since we recently installed a new door, I needed to make a lighter one so I decided to do a mesh wreath. I always save the fronts of Christmas cards to use as gift tags but decided to use a pretty one as the accent on the wreath. It is very light weight and very pretty.

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