restoring a love sign, Finished Love sign

Restoring a "Love" Sign

I was at Goodwill seeking inspiration for a bookcase. Used signs weren't even a thought. However, when I saw three such signs I couldn't pass them up. They were all different and they all needed work to become presentable again. I particularly liked the "Love" sign in silver letters.

upscale a home sign, The finished project

Upscale a "HOME" Sign

While wondering through Goodwill, I found several "signs" that had seen better days. Having just finished a "sign" I had no need for a DIY Sign. Then the voice in my head said, "Not even 4 months until Christmas". I grabbed 3 signs and headed home. I could have 3 gifts completed well before the big day.

garden stepping stones that glow, Finished stone of Bird

Garden Stepping Stones That Glow

We have 5 pathways constructed with various stepping stones winding throughout our garden. The floor of the garden is made of decorative small rocks. Because of the heat in Las Vegas even animals don't want to step on the burning hot rocks in bare feet. Walking on the pathways stones is an enormous help. At night the pathways are difficult to see. Stepping Stones that glow in the dark was a great idea that originated with Lenora Lynn Moor and Jenny Hen. They are also members of our Hometalk Tutorial Team. Their stepping stones were so beautiful that I was inspirited to make some for our own pathways.

give old trivets a new life, This finished project

Give Old Trivets a New Life

I picked up 3 old trivets at a moving sale for free. Fixer upper and flipped houses are showing lots of Glam this year. While glam is not my thing, I did want to spruce up these trivets. I came up with a couple of ideas to upscale the trivets.

repurpose a wine rack into a hang all, Original purchase hung vertically

Repurpose a Wine Rack Into a "Hang All".

I picked up an interesting wine rack at a consignment shop. I was caught by the colors and possibilities. I didn't know at the time what I would do with a wine rack. I didn't need one and didn't have space for one. In the end, it became a fun "Hang All".

styrofoam panel as wall decoration, Original styrofoam panel

Styrofoam Panel as Wall Decoration

I had ordered a full-length mirror. It arrived wrapped with two panels of styrofoam. The panels measured 56" X 17" X 1". I certainly wouldn't let these super panels go to waste. After consideration, I decided a panel of flowers for our bedroom would be perfect.

repurpose industrial spools, The beginning of the project

Repurpose Industrial Spools

I don't often see the medium size Industrial Spools for sale. I found 5 at Goodwill and grabbed them up before they were gone. Not knowing exactly what I was going use them for, they sat around for a while. Whatever I wound up doing, I would have to clean and sand them so I began there.

business cards get a home

Business Cards Get a Home

My husband and I both collect Business Cards for people that have work for us, for people we are frequently in touch with, and for business, we may use someday but then maybe we never will. Along comes that time when a need arises and we know we have a card but where did I put it? Did I save it or did my husband? This just occurred lately. It took some searching and too much time to finally come up with the card. It was time to organize our cards.

lazy susan brings organization for an artist, The finished project

Lazy Susan Brings Organization for an Artist

When I'm not doing Projects around the house, I am a Fine Art artist. I received a gift of 48 tubes of Acrylic paint. I had run out of a convenient place for storage. It had to be easily accessible for me to chose colors as I was painting.I had an old Lazy Susan that measured 14" across. That would become my storage place.

refreshing our command center, A piece of slate

Refreshing Our Command Center

Our Command Center consists of three chalkboards. The third board, our Evening Plans, needs refreshing.

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