flannel shirt fall coasters

Flannel Shirt Fall Coasters

Upcycle those old flannels with this easy project!

weathered wood and napkin wall art

Weathered Wood and Napkin Wall Art

Using scrap wood and pretty napkins, you can create personalized wall art!

painted rock ladybug crossing

Painted Rock Ladybug Crossing

Large, smooth river rocks plus a little bit of paint and you have a whimsical greeting for those who enter your home or garden!

vintage doily banner

Vintage Doily Banner

Here is a fun, easy way to use and display vintage doilies and vintage linens, even ones that are damaged or stained!

shabby chic magazine rack with quote

Shabby Chic Magazine Rack With Quote

Transform plain items like this magazine rack for pennies using spray on chalk paint.

rustic wood garden sins

Rustic Wood Garden Signs

Using scrap wood, tissue paper and Mod Podge, I created these fun garden signs.

plant stand makeover

Plant Stand Makeover

This sad plant stand was in desperate need of help. With just a few simple steps it became a wonderful side and accent table.

multi season branch centerpiece

Multi-Season Branch Centerpiece

Living in a small house means I don't have a lot of room to store decorations so often, I'll create decorations that can serve multiple seasons and holidays. This centerpiece can be decorated for many different holidays and all you need to do is swap out the 'ornaments'.

multi season yard decor signs

Multi-Season Yard Decor Signs

All you need to create an ever-changeable set of yard art is some scrap wood and paint.

folded book art single heart

Folded Book Art - Single Heart

We probably ALL have books laying around that we don't want anymore. Now you can turn those books into custom works of art for any occasion or holiday.All you need for this project is a book (hard cover is best), a ruler that is marked in Centimeters and a pencil. There are a lot of FREE patterns on the internet (visit my blog post for additional links). For THIS particular single heart fold, I used this pattern found HERE. I recommend starting with this Instructables tutorial as it gives you a clear, simple place to start.

Lauren Z
Lauren Z
About meI’m the kind of person who “just can’t leave well enough alone”! I love to find cast offs to repurpose or renew. I get a
thrill when I look at something and see another ‘purpose’ for it -- a new life. I’m excited when a project is complete and even more excited when I can recreate a piece for as little as possible. This is my passion and I'd love to help others who may have the same passion but maybe just need a little help to get them started and gain confidence in their OWN DIY skills!