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Beautiful painted front doors

Our front door could use a fresh coat of paint and I can't decide whether to change the color or not. I scoured the web for inspiration and found so many beautiful colors for front doors. Here's just a sampling of what I found. There are many more on a post I shared recently, as well as paint color names. Now that I've seen all of these, my decision of whether or not to change from a red front door is even harder. Do you have a favorite? Here's the full post: http://bit.ly/1dRL7u4

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DIY Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Holiday Art

We all love the gorgeous items from the catalogs we get in the mail. But who has the budget to get everything on their wish list? Not me. Sometimes I fall in love with an item that's out of my price range and decide to create it on my own. This DIY mercury glass holiday wall art is one of those things.

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Faux tile-painted floor

We had an ugly floor in our basement bedroom that we wanted to change, but didn't have the budget for carpet. I like getting creative with paint so I used floor paint and polyurethane to transform the floor. It took a little time and effort but we were pleased with the results. For the complete how-to for this project, click on the link to visit my blog post.

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From Dreary to Dreamy - Our Half Bath Overhaul

(This is a summary only. Visit my blog for the complete tutorial for this plus so many more home related tips and ideas. Click the link at the bottom of the post.)
Warts and all. That's how we bought our 1960's house. We loved many things about the house but knew there were also lots of things we wanted to change, most of them cosmetic. After 2 previous bathroom renovations in the house, we finally addressed the worst one...the half bath.

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Vintage Valentine's Vibe

We don't do a lot of decorating for Valentine's day at our house. Just a few red accents and some fresh flowers are about all I do. This year I rounded up my vintage milk glass vases, ironstone, old books, and some boxwood wreaths for a time-worn and somewhat romantic vibe.

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How to Make Your Overnight Guests Feel Pampered

If you're having overnight guests for the holidays or any other time, you want to make sure they're comfortable. Just a few little things can make a big difference in making them feel at home.

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Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas

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Nothing says welcome like a front porch decked out for the holidays. We added some festive decor to greet our guests with a great big "Merry Christmas".
Some wintery items and Christmas decor make up the vignette. The restored vintage red wagon was my dad's when he was a little boy in the 1940's and I absolutely love it.

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Simple, Natural DIY Christmas Wreaths

What could be better than spending an afternoon with your mom and daughter? Coming home with 2 beautiful wreaths is the icing on the cake! We spent the afternoon putting together some simple natural wreaths with some clippings from various trees and bushes. Here's what we used and what we made.

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Fall Mantel Decor Using Vintage and Found Items

(This is a summary only. Visit my blog for the complete tutorial for this plus so many more home related tips and ideas. Click the link at the bottom of the post.)
Our family room mantel is my favorite one in the house. We spend a lot of time in here and I didn't want anything formal or stuffy on the mantel. So there's nothing fancy here. Just some thrift store finds and found items along with a couple of small new things.

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Transforming a Commercial Cart Into a Stylish Industrial Piece

(This is a summary only. Visit my blog for the complete tutorial for this plus so many more home related tips and ideas. Click the link at the bottom of the post.)
It's easy to pass up a boring, neglected item but usually all it takes is a little creativity to give it a stylish new lease on life. Here's an example of a plain commercial cart that was converted into a stylish industrial piece.

Postcards From the Ridge
Postcards From the Ridge
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